Help Tec Quidditch from Tec de Monterrey get to the Quidditch World Cup VI

Help the Mexican team TEC QUIDDITCH, representing ITESM, get to the Quidditch World Cup at Kissimee, Florida.



Tec Quidditch is based inside the university “Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)” in Monterrey, a city of Nuevo Leon, México. Tec Quidditch was founded in August 2011. Since then, the main board  has been integrated by Antonio Cruz as President, Antonio Miguel as Vice-President, Palmira Obeso as General Coordinator and Alberto Rodríguez as treasurer.

Once the board was assembled, the Quidditch club was officially recognized at ITESM as a sport club and a official student organization.

Tec Quidditch's main goal since the beginnig was to attend the quidditch world cup in order to represent our country, Mexico, and in order to do so, the group has made many things in order to get funds. For example, on november 2011, the quidditch club organized contest called “The Biggest Potterhead” (a contest of knowledge about the Potter universe) in order to get money for quidditch equipment. Also, on march 2012, the quidditch club organized the first quidditch tournament in Monterrey, N.L. MX. We also sell t-shirts of popular culture, we make raffles and we also sell krispy kreme doughnuts in our campus.

But we still need your help!

Fortunately, we´ve gathered enough money to purchase our plane tickets, but we still need at least 2000 dls to cover hotel expenses.

Help us to make it to World Cup!

With your help, Mexico will be represented in quidditch world cup in an intercollegiate level for the first time!

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