Help Support MEL

Please help in supporting MEL who suffers from Autism, was a victim of bullying and later terminated from his position as a part time custodian.


Melvin Turner is a beloved man in Wantagh.

Mel worked for the middle shcool as a part time custodian and suffers from Autism.  Mel has gone through a lifetime of hardship, autism being the easiest for him to handle.  Most recently Mel has been taunted and teased (bullied) by a few kids in the community.  A few weeks ago it reached a boiling point causing Mel to have an outburst that was recorded and turned over to the school.  the recording could be viewed as disturbing, but anyone that knows Mel knows this is how he releases his stress and he would NEVER harm anyone.  

Mel was advised by the school that if he would like to fight this he can hire an attorney, all Mel wants, is his story to be told.

Mel has since apologized publicly for his outburst.  

We are looking for support to help Mel with his living expences.  He is an asset to this community and we appreciate your support.

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