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"The poor themselves can create a poverty-free world.. all we have to do is to free them from the chains that we have put around them." Muhammad Yunus


I'm honored to share I've been accepted into the Kiva Fellow's program! I will be serving in Tbilisi, Georgia with CREDO, a MFI (microfinance insitution) that is currently in pilot phase as a Kiva partner. I would like to share a bit about myself and what's led me to volunteer more than 6,000 miles from home for the next four months. 

For many years, I have fit volunteer work and service projects into my corporate career during vacation time; as a Habitat for Humantiy Global Village team leader, I have seen first hand how sustainable programs can help lift a family - and often an entire community- out of poverty through a hand UP, not a hand out. Perhaps most impactfully, my volunteer work in Leogane, Haiti and in Ofunato, Japan on disaster relief teams made it very clear that microfinance is a critical tool to alleviate poverty and help recover more quickly from disaster. Working side-by-side with folks doing everything they can to provide for their families and yet struggling to escape poverty challenged my old ideas about charity, resource allocation, economic opportunity, international relations and basic human rights. I wanted to do more and find a way to contribute at my personal best and highest use. With that in mind, I quit my corporate job in July, 2011 and am pursuing a PhD in Diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm humbled and grateful to be part of the the Kiva Fellows program, as it will be the perfect introduction to a fulfilling career in the area of poverty reduction and the betterment of developing nations. 

The Role Of A Kiva Fellow

The work of a Kiva Fellow is 40+ hours per week, focusing on risk assessment and reduction, financial reporting and analysis, staff training, borrower verifications, and improving the connection between lenders and borrowers through blog posts, photography, video and borrower profiles. 

"Kiva could not grow or scale without the critical work of the Kiva Fellows in the field." - Matt Flannery, Kiva Co-Founder and CEO

The Impact

Kiva is an non-profit with the goal of connecting people through lending to alleviate poverty. Anyone can log on to Kiva.org, browse a portfolio of entrepreneurs in developing nations (and in the USA!), and make a $25 loan to a small business. Kiva works with microfinance institutions on five continents to provide loans to people without access to traditional banking systems. One hundred percent of your loan is sent to these microfinance institutions, also called Field Partners, who administer the loans in their communities. 

Since Kiva was founded in 2005:

  • 602,105 Kiva Lenders
  •  $231 million in loans
  •  98.79% Repayment Rate

Kiva works with:

  • 135 Field Partners
  •  450 volunteers around the world
  •  59 countries

I Need Your Help!

The Kiva Fellow is a volunteer position designed to increase Kiva’s impact in the field, so they offer no compensation. I have to fundraise or use my savings for my flights, rent, food, living expenses, local transportation, equipment (laptop, camera, etc.) internet access and insurance. The estimated cost of my fellowship is $5500 and your donation will go directly towards all activities around my fellowship, but will not be tax-deductible. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated! 

Other Ways You Can Help

I would be so grateful if you forwarded this link to your network of family, friends, co-workers, social groups, or anyone with an interest in sustainable HANDS UP (not a hand out) solutions in the fight against poverty. With just one click, you can help connect me with infinitely more donors than I could ever reach out to on my own.
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