Help send Niki RG to Nicaragua!

Help us send Niki Reina-Guerra to Nicaragua this summer to build a school -- she will mix cement, lay bricks and teach kids if we can just get her there!
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Niki Reina-Guerra and Nicaragua

Niki Reina-Guerra is an amazing 5th grade teacher at Willett Elementary School in Davis, California.  She has nutured and taught hundreds of our children in Davis.  And she is passionate about furthering the education of Nicaraguan kids, too.  A group of Niki's former students and their parents are raising funds to send Niki back to Nicaragua in summer of 2013 to help construct another school -- she will lay bricks, mix cement and build that school!  The funds raised help pay for the school including the rebar, wiring, plumbing, bricks and so on as well as Niki's housing and travel.  Please help by donating $5 or $10 or $500!  Many small donations make the goal light!  If you want to give Niki an end of the school year gift, please donate to her dream of helping to build another school.  If you cannot contribute money, that's ok!  We hope to send Niki with duffle bags full of new or gently used school backpacks, new pencils and notebooks, children's Spanish reading books, and gently used laptops.  And you can help at our car washes in Davis to raise whatever funds are still needed after the indiegogo campaign ends.

What is Seeds of Learning?  Watch the video at and you will understand Niki's love of this non-profit.  Seeds of Learning or "SOL" is a small but mighty non-profit whose sole mission is to further education in Nicaragua.  Since its inception in 1991, SOL has constructed or remodeled 152 classrooms in 55 communities in Nicaragua.   After a school is built, SOL matches the school in Nicaragua with a sister school in the United States.  Niki's 5th grade class at Willett Elementary is the sister school with Palo de Agua, a very small rural elementary school that Niki helped build in 2009.  You can see the video at from the 2009 workgroup.  Niki's 5th grade students continue to write to the students at the Palo de Agua elementary school.  The strong bonds between our communities will be lifelong because of Niki.

What We Need!

For Niki to go to Nicaragua to help build another school, we want to raise:

$2900 for the program and $600 for her plane flight for a total of $3,500.

As the writer of this indiegogo campaign, I am now supposed to tell you about any unique perks I can offer you if you participate.  But all I can offer is the wonderful feeling that you are contributing to the education of kids for years to come.  You are contributing to sending a teacher to help instruct students and excite them about learning!  If you cannot go with Niki on this journey, please help fund her passion in your name.

SOL is a non-profit so your donation is tax deductible.  If we do not raise the full $3,500, all the funds we do raise will go toward sending Niki to Nicaragua in 2013.  We will supplement those funds with as many car washes and bake sales as necessary until we get her back to SOL!

The Impact

Your contribution can be $5, $25, $100 or $500.  Or it can be a gently used child's backpack, some children's reading books in Spanish or a gently used laptop.  Whatever your contribution, know you are making a big difference.  The kids in Nicaragua often walk hours to get to school and back each day.  They have few opportunities without an education.  Through SOL, Niki can help children for years to come learn, thrive and be the best they can be.  Like the sun or SOL, kids in Nicaragua can shine thanks to your support.  Email me at if you want me to pick up your donations or drop them off at Niki's classroom at Willett.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute with a financial donation, that's ok! 
  • Can you donate items for Niki to take with her?  She will take new or gently used backpacks; used laptops; new school supplies especially pencils and notebooks; or children's Spanish reading books.
  • Post this notice on your Facebook account or email friends and family members to let them know about SOL and Niki's goal.
  • Help at our car washes!  We will post the dates on Facebook.
  • Wish her luck.  Your thoughts and support are priceless!


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