Help Save the Historic Skykomish Hotel

This beautiful historic structure is in danger of being lost forever. We need your help in preserving it. Every contribution counts.
Cate Riley
Skykomish, Washington
United States
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The Skykomish Hotel Needs Your Help!

Saving the landmarked Skykomish Hotel is an expensive and challenging project.

This historic treasure was purchased for the express purpose of performing a historically accurate renovation.

Three parties, one driven by need and the others by greed, have derailed preservation and renovation efforts and now threaten the very survival of this treasure.

America’s largest railroad corporation needs the Hotel’s property to legally avoid cleaning up soil and ground water they’ve severely contaminated with diesel and bunker oil.

Their motivation is simple: Money. The cost of cleaning up this toxic environmental nightmare would indeed be expensive.

The Town and County desire to have the Hotel for their own use.

They, along with the Railroad, have done all within their power to financially destroy the Hotel and its owner, forcing a sale on the cheap or causing the owner to donate the property to one of their many entities.

These parties have already been successful at playing this game on others.

The Railroad has taken ownership or control of neighbouring polluted properties, and now leases them to Surrogates like the Town for a dollar a year.

It’s been a win-win for the perpetrator and vultures. The Railroad avoids the cost of a real environmental cleanup, while Surrogates obtain use of the properties, essentially rent free.

Several Town officials, including current and former Town Council members and Mayor, have been convicted of illegally accepting money from the Railroad in exchange for agreeing to support its ‘preferred cleanup plan’.

The ‘preferred’ plan included little more than paving over the pollution, making it look as if an actual cleanup occurred.

This environmental scam forced the Hotel’s owner and tenants from their property. The building was later returned, but without operational utilities.

Without utilities, the Hotel could not be reoccupied. This cut off the owner’s income, essentially forcing abandonment of the now unusable structure.

Town officials deliberately violated the Constitutional rights of the Hotel’s managing agent (videos-Part 1 and Part 2) in their effort to silence the Hotel.

This action caused a lawsuit to be filed against the Town. The lawsuit is not part of this fundraising campaign.

Following the State’s Attorney General informing the Town that their actions we’re not only illegal, but raised serious Constitutional issues, the Town offered to settle the suit, including paying legal expenses.

At the same time however, the Town filed a separate lawsuit against the Hotel in what appears to be a last ditch effort to bankrupt it, forcing the owner to cease efforts to save this historic structure.

The Impact

The Hotel has already incurred over $300,000 in legal expenses and it’s estimated an additional $265,000 will be needed to fund the lawsuit through trial.

While there are no guarantees, the Hotel’s legal position is based upon solid evidence and counsel believes the case to be extremely strong.

This fundraising Campaign is to ensure the Hotel’s continued ability to defend itself from the Railroad and Surrogate Vultures.

The Town’s litigation costs are being paid by its insurance carrier, so they can pretty much afford to spend whatever is necessary to destroy the Hotel.

The Railroad is big, powerful, wealthy and mean. Its owner is quoted here mocking the 99% of hard working Americans who are becoming enslaved to the 1% like himself, compromised of banksters, fraudsters and corporate oligarchs.

How You Can Help

Your financial contribution can help level the playing field. Without your generosity, the Hotel is simply out gunned.

I humbly ask you to do more than just nod your head in agreement. I ask for your financial support, so we may carry forward to victory.

Your contribution is important.

Times are tough right now, but don’t forget, fifteen, ten or even five dollars will make a huge difference.

Sharing our Campaign Link with friends, family and social media contacts is also important.

Every dollar, every Tweet, every Facebook post and sharing of this Campaign will help save this valuable historic landmark.

Please… Help Save the Skykomish Hotel!

Contribute Now, using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.

Don’t forget to use the campaign’s Share Tools… you can find them above just under our video.

Thank You for your support.

National Register of Historic Places


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