Help Save Nude Sunrise

While home for holidays one of our apartments holding our gear was robbed of all its value. We are hoping friends can help save us from our gearless hiatus

Short Summary

While home for the holidays, our favorite warehouse the Dustbowl where Jay Feather lives was robbed of all its value. Among those things was a bulk of Nude Sunrise's gear. Our beloved guitars, Jay's synth and most of all our pedals. We spend so much money and time gathering the things necessary for our sound and a tragedy likes this really destroys us. We struggle with normal life bills and are now stuff on hiatus til we are able to collect new gear.
We are asking any sort of help to help us revive the music.

What We Need & What You Get

Our stolen belongings were an Epiphone Telecaster  and SG guitar with hardshell cases, a Micro Korg, Boss PDS Delay (vintage), Boss super shifter, Boss DD3 Delay, Electro Harmonix Memory Boy, and varitey of other pedals and stands. The guitars were very close to us and even more so the pedals we lost. Jay Feathers whole set up song has been devastating to him. We ask for any help because whether we hit our goal or not any contribution would be well treasured as it helps us restore what was once ours.
Any Contribution would help us dramatically and would place you as a friend to us forever. We have a brand new LP on the way and a whole catalog of new stuff to record so any help would set us toward that.
email nudesunrise@gmail.com with any questions, comments or support. Thank you for reading and keep partying!


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