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Alexis Sharp
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
3 Team Members

 Hi everyone, this is Mallorie Nasrallah speaking.

Last Night Mr. Steven Hoffamn broke in to Sarina's house and stole her two dogs, Annabelle and Kira, as well as a urn containing the ashes of her dog Trixxi who died last winter.

Additionally he stole her iMac computer. And via this we believe deleted the data for this campagin.

The account has been secured!


However Sarina is at this time unable to get on the internet to update this account.

So for now I will be posting my personal narative of the events that have lead to this situation.



I have a client, turned very good friend named Alexis. Her model name is Sarina Valentina. I don't become close friend with my models very often, but she and I just clicked.
Recently she has been put though some pretty terrible shit. I wish there was a more eloquent way to put it, and I will as I break it down. But I feel this nonsense she and I have shared deserves to be put to text, and for those who have questions, or a desire to help, explained.
I'll start at the beginning, and continue from my perspective. The whole truth. And should Sarina chose to share this with you, know that for her it means admitting a lot of weaknesses and flaws that a lesser person would hide. She deserves credit for that. 
Over a year and a half ago I had my first photoshoot for a company called "SMC" the first model under this parent company I was assigned to work with was Sarina. During our first shoot literally everything went wrong, we were booked in to the wrong hotel, one that she had shot in before, in a room identical to a recent set of hers, we were unable to get in to the room until about 1:00AM because of some "name on registry" nonsense, and we ended up shooting until about 6:00AM.
And by the end of it, I knew I had a life long friend. We made that horrible room work, we dealt with the time constraints, and we ended up with some amazing images.
We have kept shooting together and generally having an awesome time since then. We are both a little odd, but I wouldn't want my friends any other way.

Around October of 2011 I received a call from Sarina, she and some male talent had been blown off by another photographer. The story went that it got to late and he just left. I know nothing about him so I wont comment on the situation.
The important part is that this was my first conversation with a Mr. Steven Hoffman, AKA Spencer Fox. He was the male talent who had also been ditched.
We spoke for some time, I found him very passive and polite. He had a charming, soft spoken, young man's voice and we had a nice talk. I gave him my information and expressed to both of them that should such a thing happen again they were welcome to contact me and I would try to throw together a shoot for them, so they didn't have to waste so much time, effort and money on nothing.

Sarina and I continued with our antics, hanging out, shooting and ridiculously long phone conversations. I did not hear from Mr. Hoffman again until sometime around February of 2012, he called another model I work with, while I was present. She declared that he was insane, and some sort of shouting match followed. I did not know it was Mr. Hoffman on the phone, and somehow it ended up in my hand.
I spoke politely to the fellow for a few minutes before he recognized my voice. The conversation calmed down a good deal and we had a nice chat.

After this incident Mr. Hoffman and I spoke via the phone several times. During which time my impression of him changed. Sometimes for the better, but mostly for the worst. We talked about tons of things, most irrelevant to anyone else, but at times we spoke about both religion, the American legal system, and Sarina.
Over time three things became clear to me:
  • 1.) Mr. Hoffman had an unrequited passion for Sarina.
  • 2.) Mr. Hoffman had extreme difficulty when confronted with the concept that perhaps he was in the wrong about any issue.
  • 3.) Mr. Hoffman may have minor delusions.
How I came to discover #1 is clear enough, he openly stated his interest in Sarina, and she and I talked about it too, as girls are wont to do. The fact that it was largely unrequited was apparent both implicitly based on Sarina's reaction to the whole situation, and explicitly in so much as she stated it several times.

How I came to discover #2 is a bit more nuanced. On several occasions while chatting I would ask questions about how a situation arose and based on Mr. Hoffman's narrative things were *never* his own fault. Which by its very nature is impossible, we are human, we make mistakes, and he was *never* wrong.
I recall a specific conversation in which Mr. Hoffman stated that he hoped to naturally produce babies with Sarina who is a transsexual woman. For those of you who may be confused on the biology, this means she was born physically male. She does not have ANY organic female reproductive organs.
I explained this to Mr. Hoffman, and he grew angry with me. I suggested adoption, or using a donated egg from Sarina's sister, who would be a very close genetic match to Sarina. He grew more angry. I became the object of his anger. This was the very definition of "shooting the messenger".
He declared that Sarina would have full SRS surgery (which she has stated she does not want to myself and may others several times) and that from her post operative vagina she would naturally give birth, to babies that were genetically hers.
Anyone who knows the state of modern reproductive science knows this is impossible. If he had said "maybe trans women will be able to have children in 50 years" far be it from me to assume anything about science half a century from now. But no, he was talking in the near future, one to ten years.
I politely, and supportively explained that even if the science were discovered tomorrow it would still take decades of clinical trials, government approvals, and such before such a surgery were allowed. More over it is not simply a matter of equipping a trans woman with a uterus, there was the matter of eggs...women are born with a full stock of eggs, and short of the cloning process of using a "emptied out" egg from a donor, and inserting a cell from the mature adult, we have no idea how to make eggs. This process would of course still not result in a child of both parties but rather a clone from the cell donor.
And even then there are the hormones that the female body produce, that sustain life. I explained that the abortion pill "RU486" simply deprives the fetus of those hormones for a very short period of time and that those hormones are necessary to sustain life. And that Sarina will never be able to produce them.
And still Mr. Hoffman insisted that together they would have this perfect life, where Sarina would have a SRS vagina she never wanted, and from it would issue his offspring.
This is the degree to which he was incapable of admitting that the world as he wants it is not the world as it is. This is exactly what I would call delusion.

I will say, I do believe Sarina though this gave him more hope for some sort of future together than she should have. Several times she explicitly stated she had no desire to be with him to me, and others. I do not believe she was as explicit with him. Perhaps to save his feelings, or perhaps because she wanted to have her cake and eat it too, I am not sure. But we are all human and she has never had any issue admitting this to anyone. 
How I came to discover #3 is a bit more disturbing. During our conversations about religion Mr. Hoffman explained to my how he deconverted from Judaism (which he was born in to) to some version of Christianity. Mr. Hoffman new virtually nothing of Christianity, and shockingly had little Old Testament knowledge as well.
Given his strong feelings on both, I found this intensely interesting. So I told him freely about my agnostic atheism, and expressed my curiosity as such.
He stated a sort of doctrine that he obviously made up whole cloth, this doctrine included things such as it being ok with God for women to be prostitutes because they are inherently and inalienably pure, so no act could make them "unpure". While I have no personal moral issue with sex work, and I have always been an advocate of decriminalizing such things I also know this is not a doctrine of any sort of Christianity I have heard of.
Conversely Mr.Hoffman seemed wholly unaware of actual biblical teachings, and doctrine.
The natural question at this point was "what informs your view of Christianity, and how did you come by this information".
He replied to me that sometime since late high school he had received full visions of the cross  and Jesus (which he claimed to have never been exposed to as a Jewish child) along with directions from God, or Jesus.
Directions that sounded suspiciously like Mr. Hoffman's own plans. Directions that were megalomaniac in nature, and sometimes violent. Always to do with Mr. Hoffman's own definition of "justice".  
As an Atheist I understand people may think I believe all religious people to be nut cases. This is incorrect. I will have healthy debate with them, and I am happy to explain why I don't believe what they do believe but that is it. I do not believe that following the teachings of any religion warrants the label "insane".
However when you express your experience of having full blow visions in a Pauline sense. And also express the believe that God himself has given you directives to bring "justice to the world" (which he explicitly expressed despite any denial he might make) I do believe then a discussion about sanity is in order.

All throughout this I expressed my concerns to Sarina. Simply as concerns. I am not a doctor, I am not a councilor, I do not think it is my place to give strong advise, and I attempt to avoid doing so.

Things went on with Mr Hoffman planning a baby filled future with Sarina, and Sarina politely avoiding the issue for some time. Mr. Hoffman, unable to read the writing on the wall came out to Las Vegas from his home in Gainesville, FL.
The first time he came out, I actually ended up picking him up from the airport on my motorcycle because Sarina was unreachable.
Because of things like this it is impossible to argue that she let him believe in any way that his feelings were fully reciprocated.
He and I talked at length, and still I tried to only be supportive as a friend would, I suggested that a wise plan of action would be to only move out here if he would make that choice regardless of Sarina's desire to be with him. This only ever garnered anger from him and an insistence that, No he would not even entertain the idea of them not being together. 
Some time in July Mr. Hoffman arrived in Las Vegas, to pursue a relationship with Sarina.
I was traveling to conferences across America at the time, and then later to Australia, so here I will admit my information is partially second hand. For this reason I will be brief in regard to events that occurred in my absence.

Some time in the first few weeks of Mr. Hoffman being in Las Vegas he self-mutilated and reported to police that Sarina attacked him. Reports were filed and the case is pending (Oct 17th). Mr. Hoffman has since admitted in front of myself and my partner that these acts were self-mutilation.
Sarina and friends contacted me while I was in Australia about this situation however Mr. Hoffman, ever ready to blame drugs, stated that it was all a misunderstanding due to Sarina's doctor perscribed medication.
For the remaining weeks of their relationship Mr. Hoffman blackmailed Sarina with threats of pressing charges when she "didn't behave". He removed from her many personal items, namely her phone and debit cards first, saying she could have them back when she completed an arbitrary task.

At this point I returned to America and my phone became a hotline for Mr. Hoffman. I will admit I can see how being with Sarina could be hard, she keeps odd hours and is accustomed to living her life in the style she chooses.
I felt sympathy for him, and pity. I invited him over to dinner, so he could have some down time, and we discussed his future in Las Vegas (immediately thereafter a $100 bill we had in an exposed wallet turned up missing, but I did not want to assume anything yet).
A night or two later Sarina called me from a parking lot, she said Mr. Hoffman was being abusive and she was worried if she went somewhere private with him (such as her home) he may again self-mutilate and accuse her.
I offered to come pick her up and Mr. Hoffman became enraged, insisting that she was manipulating me, he insisted that she was lying and that if I came near her I would make her feel vindicated in her lies, and that such vindication would continue a negative cycle.
This set off a number of alarms for me, I am a neutral party at this point. I speak with both Mr. Hoffman and Sarina regularly, and she is simply asking for my company for a while. I explain this to him, and also explain that perhaps it is better if everything is out in the open. I also explain that to an objective party he has no right to demand I not meet with my friend.
While driving to meet the two of them Sarina decides she is too tired for this shit (can not blame her) and she goes home.
A day or two later after many more calls of distress from Mr. Hoffman I receive a call from Sarina, she is at a neighbors house, she is very distressed and she wants me to come meet her.
Her large desktop iMac computer is missing, her laptop computer is missing, her iPhone is missing, so is one of her dogs, and her debit cards.
Mr. Hoffman claims that the dog ran away, she lost her own phone and he shipped the rest of her property to her family in Philadelphia. All while she was sleeping.
I meet with Sarina, and take a call from Mr. Hoffman. He expresses to me that he has used Sarina's debit card to purchase her a ticket to Philadelphia, that she must either go to her family, or be in a relationship with him.
I should add this means he believes it is in his right to stay in her house, using her utilities, with all of her personal belongings, if she does not want to continue this 2 month fiasco of a relationship.
I attempt to explain that this is irrational and that he can not force such a thing on someone. He is having none of it. I arrange to pick up what luggage he has packed for Sarina should she chose to fly to Philadelphia, along with her remaining dog.
I restore these items to Sarina, thereafter she discovers he has failed to give her her house keys, her phone, her debit card, and of course anything else from her house. Which he is now occupying as a squatter.
Sarina calls her bank and is informed that over the course of this day roughly $3,700 has been taken out of her account. Which is virtually dime she has to her name.
In her wallet in place of her debit card is $200. Mr. Hoffman claims he borrowed this money from a friend who denies ever lending him anything. We still have as of yet to discover the source of this money.
Sarina wisely freezes her accounts, and calls the fraud department first thing in the morning. Subsequently she files grand larceny for the computers, and other missing property.
We then begin the eviction process that one takes for squatters (who have legal rights).
The next day we file more paperwork, and Mr.Hoffman calls often, as he does over the course of the next week. He at one point comes to my home and makes death threats against "anyone who helps keep her away from him". I call the police, and they write a report for a verbal dispute. They advise Mr. Hoffman that if he returns that is trespassing and if he continues making threats that is harassment.
Oddly enough, at this point Mr. Hoffman is still calling me between verbally abusing me, and asking for someone to listen to him.
Believing that he is an innocent but very disturbed man I listen, and try to be as decent as possible given the situation.

On September 9th (not to whine, but my Birthday) Sarina, myself, and my partner request a police escort to enter her home which she has been unable to return to since September 5th, when she first fled.
Sarina discovers and documents (via video she may chose to share) the state of her house.
Her home has been emptied of all her property, the place is a mess. Her furniture is gone, her personal effects are gone, he silverware, dishes, bath products, clothes, everything is gone.
She confronts Mr. Hoffman about her stolen iPhone, which has been tracked to the house, several times, in use, and clearly in his possession (screen captures available). He continues to deny knowing its location.
Mr. Hoffman states that because he was being evicted he took everything to a new house, that Sarina can live in, but only with him, and that she must do this to regain her belongings.  
Because of Mr. Hoffman's "squatter rights" the police are unable to force entry to the new location of Sarina's property, or to even verify that he took anything, Such things have to wait for court.

Later this same day, Mr. Hoffman insists that Sarina come to the new home, he is sure when she sees it she will forgive all his nonsense and decide to come back to him. Given no other means of ascertaining the extent of the theft Sarina eventually agrees, on the condition that she be able to take what property of hers that she can.
We go to his new residence, and the most eerie events follow:

We arrive at the house, Mr. Hoffman is exuberant, appearing to be in a manic state. I  use that strong word with ful knowlege that he has been diagnosed with a mental disorder, and proscribed Lithium, which he does not take. He has a mutual friend over who appears to be deeply disturbed by these events as well.
Mr. Hoffman has taken everything of Sarina's and set it up around this strange new house. He is oblivious to how deeply disturbing this is. He thinks nothing is wrong. He aggressively sexually grabs Sarina on several occasions, even while she has grabbed my hand for support. He takes our shock and silence to be approval of some sort. Sarina looks around, and hurriedly asks that we step outside under the guise of smoking. Which Mr. Hoffman loudly disapproves of. However we manage to get out, leaving my partner and the mutual friend inside with Mr. Hoffman.

During this tour of madness Sarina has located her iMac that Mr. Hoffman claims to have shipped away. Additionally she needs time to calm down and shake off the intensely disturbing feelings. I wish I could express how deeply disturbing the house was, and how clearly deeply disturbed Mr. Hoffman was. Words fail me.
Sarina decides that Mr. Hoffman needs to be told of the charges against him, he needs a reality check and maybe he will come to his senses.
We return to the house for Sarina to try to reason with him.
They step out alone to the back patio/pool area. After about 30 min, Sarina returns and asks for me to join her, she is clearly still very uncomfortable.
For another hour or so they argue, like somewhat normal adults. General "he said, she said" stuff. Mr. Hoffman still can not accept that Sarina will not be hostage to him, and will not be joining him in this new house. Which we believe he rented with her stolen money.
More words are exchanged, all inconsequential to the narrative. Mr. Hoffman says that the larceny, and fraud changes will go away, that Sarina can claim she was on drugs when she filed them (his fix all lie apparently).
He claims that the charges are nothing. He refuses to admit that there are any problems at all. He strips off his clothes at one point and jumps in the pool, which is extremely disconcerting.
When he excuses himself to the restroom we all decide that we should leave as quickly as possible. We leave via the front door.
As I enter the driver's seat of my truck an enraged Mr. Hoffman runs out of the house, yanks my door open and begins screaming that we stole his shorts. We have no idea what he is talking about, and he is extremely violent. He begins to attack me, and attempt to climb over me, into the car. I am terrified.
I carry a multi-tool with a small knife with me at all times, I produce the knife and warn him away. All the while sitting in my car seat and trying to close the door. Mr.Hoffman grabs my unarmed wrist and yanks, he twists, and screams about his shorts. We are all telling him his shorts are inside that we don't know what the fuck he is talking about. Mr. Hoffman manages to break my key ring, while it is still in my hand. I continue to hold him off with the knife, but can not manage to get my door closed. My partner steps out of the car and demands he get away from me, my partner also calls the police.
Mr. Hoffman averts his attack to my partner. After a very heated minute or two, the police arrive. I have never felt more relieved in my life. My partner and Sarina and Mr. Hoffman are frisked, for some reason I am not. We relay to them that Mr. Hoffman's shorts are inside, they escort him inside, locate his shorts, which of course we never had, Mr. Hoffman confirms the contents of the pants are secure and untampered with, and Mr. Hoffman shouts a confused apology my way.
I was never asked if I wanted to press charges, but I am currently pursuing them.

The next morning Mr. Hoffman texts some very hateful bigoted things to me, and expresses that not only am I going to burn in hell forever but that he has taken out a restraining order against me (a lie). He requests that I not contact him.
In concert to this Sarina has taken out a temporary protection order against Mr.Hoffman. Which has not been served yet.

Days later Sarina, and my partner return to her now empty house to see what few belongings she can gather. They find Mr. Hoffman's abandoned cat. They bring the starving dehydrated animal home, fearing she may be ill. Mr. Hoffman had claimed he gave the cat away. Obviously a lie.
Being that Mr. Hoffman has requested I not contact him, I inform a mutual friend that I have found the cat, and to please let Mr. Hoffman know, so they could arrange for her return.
Mt. Hoffman has since began to tell the lie that I stole the cat, and sold it for drug money.
I would like to state at this point that first, the cat is a normal house cat and has no substantial value as such, and I do not deal, consume, or generally take part in the drug market. However if I did, I doubt such a cat would be of any use to me. I have no idea what the logic behind this lie of his is.
Once more Mr. Hoffman contacts me, says Sarina can come get her things, we attempt to do so with police escort on September 14th. He proves one box for Sarina and is in extremely ill temper. He tells the officers I stole his cat. Absurd. He has loaded the single box for Sarina with his personal items, which he claims we tried to steal, despite only being in the house for a few moments. I extract myself from the situation, and allow the Officer, Sarina, and Mr. Hoffman to deal with the situation, aiding only in loading items in to my truck. Sarina in a state of shock is only able to grab a few things, make-up, some shoes and a few pairs of clothing.

The officer at this point serves Mr. Hoffman with the Temporary Protection Order (TPO) Sarina filed against him.
Later that day Sarina is also served a TPO filed by Mr. Hoffman (on a lighter note I have a copy of this TPO it is hilarious, should Sarina release it, its worth a giggle).

Since then my partner and I have moved Sarina in to a new house with her few meager belongings, where Mr. Hoffman can not threaten her person anymore. Her previous residence was vandalized by Mr. Hoffman extensively, and was uninhabitable anyway.
(UPDATE: Since the time of the initial writing of this Mr. Hoffman though unknown means has discovered Sarina's new residence and burglarized her home again, as described above)

I am writing this at 12:45 AM, Saturday morning (09/22/12). After yet another day of filing paperwork, reporting her stolen mail key, and printing more evidence out.

She, my partner and I had dinner tonight and I couldn't stand to see how tormented she was by his lies anymore.
That is my only motive in writing this. This is her story to tell, but after three weeks of endless nonsense and violence from this man, shes drained.
I expressed to her that I would write about this, and attempt to put my communication skills to work. To give her a voice so that no one mistakes the situation for something it is not.
I have tried to be Mr. Hoffman's friend for almost a year now. All it has gotten me is abuse and trouble. He attempted to destroy my friendship with Sarina though lying about her. He has told judges, police officers and anyone who will listen that I am an Ecstasy addict (not medically possible as far as my research shows) and that I have made Sarina in to one as well.   He continues to blame myself or anyone else nearby for their break-up.

I am sure I have left out some details, for that I apologize, any omissions were not deliberate.

For both Sarina and I, something had to be said. I care about my friends. Bullshit or no, Sarina is my friend, and when a friend asks for help, you help.
-Mallorie Nasrallah
September 22nd 2012
Las Vegas, NV
From Sarina' Youtube Channel:

This is a video documentation of my house the day I had entered it from which I was staying the whole time at my photographers previously. I have had no contact with my house before this video because I fled for my safety. I then called a police escort to escort me back a few days after I left and discovered all of my personal belongings including furniture was completely missing. My house had been ransacked with out my knowledge or my permission by Steven D. Hoffman. A.K.A. gay adult film star "Spencer Fox". I have not since been able to cease any of my belongings that he took to his new address. My house was also vandalized to such a degree costing over 900 dollars in damages including my security deposit. The photos of the damages can be viewed in high resolution at this link below.


This is what I was left with. He had only stayed at my house for approximately 2 months and committed fraud, theft. the list goes on. I trusted this person to let them in my life and I was betrayed and robbed of everything I had worked for in my career in the adult industry. Im speaking out with this video to show others that people like this do exist, who will scam and pretend they love you as they hurt you. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship and no one deserves to be taken advantage of.

My friend made me this page to help out (down below), id really appreciate it and would gladly send a print to anyone who has helped after my recovery from this. Thank you all.
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