Help Replace War Reporter Tracey Shelton's Stolen Multimedia Kit

This campaign is to help George Polk and POYI award-winning multimedia journalist Tracey Shelton raise a few extra funds with which to get a decent camera kit.


ALL REMAINING DONATIONS GO TO THE RISC TRAINING PROGRAM - If we reach $6,000 we can give them enough to train another journalist in life saving combat medical treatments.




Short Summary

Hi there! 

Almost two years ago war reporter Tracey Shelton was assaulted in Libya and her uninsured equipment was stolen from her. Since then, she's been borrowing equipment and using a worn out DSLR to cover the Syrian revolution for Global Post (they recently brought her on staff). She's in New York for a couple of weeks and wants to update her kit, but her budget is extremely limited and there's no way she can buy a really good camera - the kind a really good journalist like her should use.

Tracey's work has helped raise awareness and delivered vital information to the world on a conflict that is becoming increasingly desperate and dark. The strength of her work is bringing the stories of everyday Syrians and their struggle to the world. And that is the main reason we are doing this. 

We are two recent journalism school graduates living in New York, who recently saw this post on DSLR News Shooter - it's a laundry list of advice for Tracey on equipment she can buy on a budget of $2000. This crowdfunding campaign is to help increase this budget.

Tracey is in New York to participate in the RISC training program at the Bronx Documentary Center. However, she leaves on April 13, so this really is a last-minute campaign. 

Why are we helping out?

a) We think Tracey's journalism is exceptional and important - here is a selection from Global Post and DSLR News Shooter,

b) times are tough in the journalism world in general, so why not help one another out, and,

c) any funds raised above what's needed will be donated to the RISC training program, as well as 10% of any $25 donations. 

What We Need & What You Get

Here's a breakdown of equipment, so you know exactly where any donations you make will end up:

Option 1 total = $6,505 (-$2,000 = Indiegogo amt needed $4,505, not incl mic)*

Option 2 total = $4,366 (-$2,000 = Indiegogo amt needed $2,366 incl mic)*

  • If we don't quite reach the $5,000 mark, that's ok. The equipment list above is in order of priority, so Tracey will buy whatever she can with whatever you donate. 
  • Perks include a choice of prints with a handwritten thank you note, a workshop with Tracey - find out how she does what she does - a set of 3 exclusive prints, and an update from the field.

The Impact

Tracey's video Life and Death in Aleppo needs to be watched by everyone. The humanizing of the conflict in Syria is the power of this work. The images captured by Tracey have shown to millions of people who have viewed her work, just how life can be for mechanics, teachers, fathers, sons, mothers and daughters in this conflict. And with news emerging that Bashar al-Assad's regime is using chemical strikes on the Syrian people, these stories are becoming increasingly important to tell.

Tracey is well-recognized in the conflict journalism world and her awards are a testament to this. By giving her the necessary equipment to do her job, we are certain those awards will keep coming and those stories will keep being told as they should be. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you would like to help spread the word via social media or otherwise, that would be wonderful.

If you know of any camera dealers or stores that could sponsor or help, then put us in touch. 

Any assistance whatsoever is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,
Mayeta & Nic

*These amounts come out to be just a tiny bit higher with Indiegogo fees included. 

Team on This Campaign: