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Peyton Olivia Sherrell is a five year old little girl who loves Justin Bieber like every other little girl her age. We believe Peyton deserves the world and especially her biggest dream of all to meet Justin! Would you please help make this wish come true? Justin is coming in concert near Peytons home town soon and buying a meet and great is about the only way the family hasn't tried to get her to meet Justin. That is what this champaign is for. To raise funds to buy Peyton and her family tickets and meet and great passes to spend some time with her idle, Justin Bieber.  This is not only Peyton's biggest wish but her entire families. We want Peyton to be happy! Whatever it takes!

Peyton's mommy, Jessica, is a single mom and lost her job because of having to take time off to care for Peyton. Peyton needs 24/7 care while she fights this battle. The goal is $5,000.00 which should be enough to get Peyton and her family to the concert to meet Justin and traveling expenses etc., however any funds over will go to helping the family with paying utility bills, gas, food etc. For more info on Peyton's condition please continue reading. If you would like to pray for Peyton or follow her progress please "like" her Facebook page "inspired by Peyton". Thank you so much!! Go team Peyton.

Around 17 months oldPeyton was diagnosed with Dilated cardiomyopathy"Dilated cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle, primarily affecting your heart's main pumping chamber (left ventricle). The left ventricle becomes enlarged (dilated) and can't pump blood to your body with as much force as a healthy heart can.

Peyton had a Heart transplant on October 3rd 2009. We were so blessed that God and a very giving family decided to give her a 2nd chance at life. The road was pretty hard from day one for Peyton. She had several visits to the hospital which is not surprising with a transplant patient but other than the illnesses from the lowered immunity system she has had a pretty great childhood up until recently.

In August of 2011Peyton became very ill again. She was showing symptoms of several different types of possible illnesses. The doctors at Cincinnati Children’s tested her for Menijitis, Bone cancer and several other things. Peyton was put through the ringer for several weeks. The diagnosis given was finally PTLD (Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders).

At the time We were unsure if Peyton actually had developed the Lymphoma because the doctors didn’t want to chance going after the affected lymph nodes in her abdomen. Doing so would have been very dangerous. The doctors decided to treat the PTLD assuming the worst. She received 2 types of Chemo therapy for the Ptld and they significantly reduced her anti rejection medications.

Peyton responded very well to the treatments for the PTLD however due to the reduction of the anti rejection drugs she started to reject her new heart. The doctors were able to keep her heart from rejecting with an increase of steroids.

Peyton started getting sick again with the same symptoms in December 2011. Peyton was finally well enough in December to have her lymph node biopsy and we were informed that Peyton did have Hodgkins Lymphoma. Although the dianosis was devestating to us all, the doctors were hopeful the chemo treatment would work. Peyton went through four rounds that were very hard on her. She was sick the entire time and in alot of pain. After her second round her scans showed the cancer had reduced significantly. The doctors were hopeful the treatment would put PEyton in remission.

Unfortunaly her scans after the last round of chemo in 2011 showed that Peyton still had cancer. The doctors were baffled as to why the cancer had grown back But the awesome doctors at Cincinnati children's found a new treatment that worked well for Peyton's cancer and got rid of most of it. She was even able to tolerate this treatment well enough to have a terrific summer, start preschool, go on a make a wish trip to Disney and grow her hair back.

In the fall of 2012 Peyton had scans again to see how the treatment was doing on her cancer and we were told that it was no longer working and her spleen needed to be removed. Peyton once again had another operation and when the spleen was biopsied the doctors new there was more cancer. Recent scans showed a tumor was under the spleen. Peyton is currently receiving heavy chemo in Cincinnati children's to fight this latest battle.

Peyton is such a trooper! Somedays she doesn’t feel like smiling but she is a fighter! God has put her on this earth for a reason. Peyton is an inspiration of strength and faith for all of us!



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    For your support of $50.00 or more, you will receive a very special surprise. Peyton is a very talented artist. You never know what you may receive. She works on numerous art projects with the child life specialists at the hospital. Each are very special and are priceless.

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