Help Open Trespass Gallery

Raising money to open Trespass Gallery, Nashville's first Urban Contemporary Art Gallery.


Who am I?

My name is Vince “Bad Panda” Herrera, owner/curator of Trespass Gallery. I am currently a fulltime artist and curator. My love for collecting and curating art began in early 2010. I started Oh Soul Fresh Gallery and began doing Urban Contemporary Pop-Up Art Exhibits out of my loft in Downtown Miami. For the first exhibit I featured local artists. The exhibit was so well received (I had a few hundred people walk through my home), I was invited to curate two pop-up exhibits at a fellow artist’s studio in Wynwood (Miami’s world renowned urban arts neighborhood). For the second exhibit I had a mix of local and national artists. I have never looked back and have kept curating exhibits and befriending every artist that has crossed my path.

From this success I was invited to curate at Eleazar Delgado Studio. At that time, in the Wynwood Arts District, had been touted by many Arts writers & publications as an important voice in the Urban Arts Movement. The show entertained such accolades, that I was asked to curate a second show, which expanded in scope and borders as artists from across the US and beyond began to catch the buzz.


What is Trespass Gallery?

Trespass Gallery will be Nashville’s first Urban Contemporary Art Gallery. The gallery will exhibit the work of emerging to mid-career national and international artists. The gallery will participate in Nashville’s Art Crawl with an electrifying, new exhibit each month.


Your Contribution Makes Good Things Happen!

I consider myself blessed, having been mentored and inspired by many influences and I’m ready to share and collaborate with the development of young artists in Nashville.  There is an unheard voice in the corridors and alleys of the art world that I can uniquely facilitate. I intend on being an open door to learn about art from all perspectives and particularly providing a comfortable forum for guidance.


What We Need & What You Get

Funds raised will enable us to get our doors open by securing a prime location on Nashville’s 5th Avenue of the Arts. While we intend on being a successful gallery, our primary goal is to empower each artist access to a broader audience. Trespass Gallery’s startup costs will be upward of $5,000.00 but since the prospective space was previously an art gallery, it won’t take long to get our doors open by July 6th!


All funds will be used for the following:

  • Rental Deposit
  • Insurance
  • Gallery Lighting
  • Improved walls to better facilitate art display
  • A fresh coat of paint for everything
  • Furniture (desk, chair, bookshelf, etc..)
  • Signage


What Do I Get For Supporting?

I would never ask for anything without offering something in return. For your support, I have put together a perks list that will give you an idea of what the gallery is about and will demonstrate my heart-felt appreciation for your support.


Other ways you can help

Even if you can’t support us financially, please help us get the word out. Share our project with friends and colleagues


Who supports Trespass Gallery?

“By donating / contributing to this true grassroots art movement, you not only help Vince solidify a gallery, but you help to encourage the voice of many other artists by developing a platform for them to be seen and heard in a field filled with politics and regurgitated art.”

-AVONE, Internationally Exhibited Street Artist from New York.


“I’ve been lucky enough to have collaborated with Vince “Bad Panda” Herrera and full heartedly endorse and invite you be part of his vision. Vince is the epitome of the hard WORKING artist!”

-Eleazar Delgado, Miami-based Artist & Designer


"A positive influence in the community as well as threw his art. I couldn't think of an individual more suiting to have his own gallery. I see Vince creating a whole new world of inspiring artist looking and thriving off what he has set to build."

- Michael "Dream Bigger" Jones, Nationally Exhibited Street Artist from California.


"You've always been such a big supporter of the arts. I can't thank you enough for everything. Your dream will come true!"

-Mathew Curran, Los Angeles-based Artist 


"I met Vince Herrera while working in Miami's gallery district and from there Ive seen him as a seriously hard working artist and a fighter for working with local artists and giving them a stage and a spotlight to showcase the work they create. He knows what its like to simply just work to keep ones dream going, and carries the same passion for his gallery and his artists."

-JeanPaul Mallozzi, Miami-based Artist


"Vince Herrera is a passionate and dedicated to art and artists. So its an honor to support him and Trespass Gallery.

For an artist, even a NOBODY like me, the most important thing when dealing with a gallery is Passion and Integrity. Vince Herrera without question has both."

-TMNK, New York-based Artist

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