Help Open a Creative Reuse Center at Eastworks

Imagine a place in the Pioneer Valley where waste inspires creativity...

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Knack: The Art of Clever Reuse

Holy moly, we're almost there. We hatched this ambitious plan at the kitchen table less than a year ago. Now we're about to open a permanent CREATIVE REUSE CENTER right here in Western Massachusetts in July. Can you believe it?!

Not quite sure what a Creative Reuse Center is?

Here's the deal: A creative reuse center collects discarded materials, sorts them, and makes them available for people to use in any creative way they wish. Brilliant concept, huh? Yeah, we thought so too.

Knack is all that, and more.  At Knack you will be able to:

  • find low-cost (& green!) supplies for your creative projects
  • donate all that stuff that's piling up in your garage (and isn't quite right for the Goodwill)
  • take workshops to learn what amazing things you can create with reused materials
  • buy upcycled art & home goods (if creating it yourself isn't your thing)

Sound like a place you'd like to have in the Valley? We sure hope so, because it's coming (and we could use a little help!)

We could not have come this far without your support and enthusiasm for our vision...now we are asking for just a bit more. We have the keys to our  beautiful space at Eastworks in Easthampton, but it's looking a little bare. All funds raised will go toward creating a functional, fun, upcycled place to shop, donate, & create.  We'll need shelves, fixtures, tables & tools (along with some cash for the not-so-fun stuff like insurance, legal fees, a point-of-sale system & some rent in the bank).

Of course, the very best perk is that there will actually be a creative reuse center in Western Mass, but check out what else you can get for your donation!

Not only will you get warm fuzzies from putting your money toward something green & local, you'll get some pretty cool perks, too:  everything from cold hard (Knack) cash to spend in the store, to public recoginition, to craft nights, to the Big Knack Daddy of perks: tickets to THE KNACK BASH on Monday, August 19th from 7-9pm!

Knack Bash at Apollo Grill - August 19

We'll be teaming up with the always stellar Apollo Grill (our across-the-hall neighbors at Eastworks!) for an evening of food, drink & celebration. Your ticket includes:

  • An array of tasty & delicious appetizers and hors d'oeuvres at the Apollo Grill
  • 1 drink ticket (cash bar after that)
  • Open house at Knack
  • Music from the Knack soundtrack (perhaps even a little dancing?)
  • Mingling, chatting, and hanging out with some of the coolest people in the Valley
  • A real live thank you from us

We can't wait to welcome you into a place you helped us create!

Need some more info about Knack? Read on...

Knack is a socially responsible for-profit business: our mission is to inspire creativity, ingenuity, and community engagement through the clever reuse of donated goods.

Just who are Amber Ladley & Macey Faiella?

We are possibly the only two women crazy enough to take on the challenge of starting a local creative reuse center. We're also resourceful, determined, hard-working and passionate. We bring a wide array of skills to the table: web development & design, marketing, operations management, teaching, and of course, the ability to upcycle just about anything.

...And what have they managed to do in 10 short months?

While moving towards the goal of opening a permanent location, we've been working overtime to get the word out about Knack, stockpiling as many donations as our garages can hold, & spreading some serious creative reuse cheer!

Since July 2012, we’ve created and launched a rockin’ website (knack.org) that is chock full of inspiration, artist profiles, and DIY tutorials, and has generated over 31,000 pageviews.  We have a monthly e-newsletter with over 420 subscribers, and a growing social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

We’ve participated in numerous community reuse events & workshops with the DPW, Hilltown Families & local libraries. We were also the most recent business to contribute to the Bagshare Project.

In November 2012, we forged a temporary partnership with Signature Sounds to open the Knack Holiday Pop-up Shop which featured the work of 18 local reuse artisans. Over 250 items were sold in 7 days of operation, and hundreds of local consumers were able to shop green, local and handmade!

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