Help Millions Help One: Anthony Dador Tuition Fund

Anthony Dador, a South Sudanese refugee from the brutal war in Sudan is accepted at Hebrew University. Dreams to be a Diplomat. Help us raise his tuition.
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Short Summary

Anthony Dador is a South Sudanese refugee from the brutal war in Sudan where along with his brother he was imprisoned and tortured. His brother disappeared and is feared murdered. Anthony fled Sudan before South Sudan became an Independent State and found refuge in the State of Israel where he was accepted as a legal refugee and subsequently began preparatory studies to do a B.A. at the Hebrew University as a student.

During preparatory courses ("Mechina") for University Study, Vice Provost of the Rothberg School, Mr. Shimon Lipsky wrote on 30 April 2012 that Anthony "is a hardworking student with high aspirations and while studying at the Rothberg International School ("Mechina")...was a conscientious student...we were happy to have him in our school."

In a letter dated 15 July 2012, Hebrew University Rothberg International School Provost, Prof. Mimi Ajzenstadt, stated that Anthony Dador is a current student at Hebrew University living in university housing.

Anthony needs your help to go on to complete studies and eventually his B.A., pay his tuition, books, and some of his room-and-board. A private donor has already given him $1,200 to help pay for his accommodations in a dormitory at Hebrew University.

As a fellow-student at Hebrew University who knows Anthony personally, I ask you to consider helping us raise his tuition so that he can complete a B.A. and return to his native newly independent state of South Sudan to begin the process to make a difference as a leader and become a diplomat for his war-torn home country of South Sudan.

What We Need

Anthony needs to raise the funds 100% to be paid to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem for his application fee ($80), course tuition ($5,000), administrative fee ($500), and Ulpan-Language School tuition ($400), which equals $5,980 USD, rounded up to $6,000 USD for this campaign (this campaign doesn’t include money Anthony needs for food, clothing, etc). All funds will go to paying these costs. If we don’t reach our goal, all funds will be used to pay for as many courses as Anthony can pay for in the 2012-2013 academic year. Any amount we raise above $6,000 USD will go towards costs of Anthony’s room-and-board and monthly expenses (clothing, transportation, etc.).

Anthony will send every donor a thank-you postcard from Jerusalem and updates on his studies via email.

The Impact

By helping Anthony you are helping one young man who is determined not to just become another statistic of the four million people in South Sudan who have been displaced by the war. He is a survivor of a war where the civilian death toll was one of the highest of any war since World War II. He has no other resources to help him except his friends, like you and me, around the world. Anthony’s spirit and resolution to succeed will be something he takes back to his native South Sudan to change his world, and our world.

Anthony’s Personal History

From: antony
Subject: my case
Date: Friday, October 2, 2009, 9:46 AM


 In august/2000 I have been arrested by [pre-Independent South Sudan] Sudanese security agents then been investigated about my brother James and his relationship with the splm[Sudanese people liberation movement]so I told them that I don't have any knowledge or information about my brother's job and denied my relations with splm, despite all these testimonies they didn't convinced and started torturing me using all kinds of mental and physical torture like beating me with sticks and gun's back, then been forced to be a waken for three days without sleep ,I passed all these torture until I have been released on may/2000 according to these conditions ;1,to inform them about my brother's existence place when I got knowledge 2,not to leave bentiu town before their approval 3,to report myself to the security office three times a week 4,disconsidering these terms will put me again under arrest or even death is expected .the same day I have been released I decided to escape because I can't keep their conditions ,I escaped with my father's wife ,we crossed the river to tonga island there we stayed one day till we arrived Khartoum by lorry track loaded with cattle’s ,after arriving to Khartoum we stayed in kalakla town one of Khartoum suburbs where my uncle resided ,he hospitalized us for one month then I went to bahri city where I found my father hiding there and I told him everything happened to me so he decided that we should leave Sudan immediately by the help of bishop john we leaved Sudan to Egypt in 1st/January/2000 after we became convinced that our life is in danger and we lost all basic standards of living including our properties, we arrived Cairo on 2nd/nov/2000 hoping to get some kind of security and protection ,then we applied to UNHCR and we waited for result until we have been attacked by Egyptian security and police near the UNHCR office in 30/dec/2005 which many refugees lost their lives mostly kids and women’s, I have recognized that my life in Egypt is in threat ,so I decided to leave Cairo into Israel across Sinai border ,after my successful entrance into Israel I have been jailed for one year for entering illegally then I have been released and started a new life ,unfortunately the Israeli authorities decided to deport back all the refugees to Egypt where I will be slaughtered if Egyptian government deported me back to [pre-Independent South] Sudan ,for these reasons I am requesting your kindly Excellency to look at my case with mercy and give me a glimpse of life again as a normal human being..       




Applicant /Antony juol Dador.         


[Anthony Dador was accepted as a legal refugee in the State of Israel and enrolled in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2011-2012 and accepted to study for 2012-2013 contingent on having the fund to pay his tuition and room-and-board.]

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t donate, please forward this link on your Facebook and Twitter, email to everyone in your address book, and ask others to help in whatever way they can.


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