Help me train as an Art Psychotherapist

Desperately trying to seek funds for my Masters fees, if I can get the first year paid then I am at least on my way. Any contribution greatly appreciated.
Emma Parker
United Kingdom
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Dear Lovely People!!

Well, I have reached the end of my fundraising campaign and have raised an amazing £1455! What a fantastic journey it has been.

Words are not enough to describe my gratitude towards each and every one of you, it has meant the world to me and will make a big difference to my life (and hopefully to the life of others when I qualify).  This experience has shown me the kindness and generosity that exists in others hearts, and that is a treasure in itself.

£1455 is nearly two months instalment fees, so I am ON THE COURSE no matter what. I also will be starting a new job late September as a brain injury case manager, and once my case load is up and running I will be in a better position to manage my fees.

I am making my final batch of cards, wishes, brooches and bags over the next two weeks. So sorry for delays, I always under estimate how long it takes me to make things! But rest assured they are on their way. Also, in a few weeks time I will be selling brooches on my Etsy page (I will post link later) so if you wished to purchase more, you know where to go! (cheeky plug).

I sincerely promise to pay forward the kindness I have received from you all. And I will keep you updated with how my course is going.

Thank you all so much again.

Lots of love and hugs

Xxx Emma



The whys and whats of it all:

Thank you so much for your time in reading about my campaign to raise funding towards the first year of my masters in arts psychotherapy.

Unfortunately government funding does not exist for this part time masters (I am studying part time as need to continue working throughout), and I am unable to get a bank loan to pay my fees.... Although I am able to able save a small part of my salary towards funding this I will be not be able to raise all the funds independently. That is why I have started this fund raising campaign.

I understand this is a big ask, but I am trying every possible avenue to secure funding. Any amount, no matter how large or small you might be able to donate towards the funding my course would be so greatly appreciated.

A bit of background for you:

There are two main reasons I feel so passionate about wishing to train as an art psychotherapist. Firstly, I have been through my own personal journey with depression and art was an integral part of my recovery. Because of this I strongly believe I can contribute to others recovery by working as an art psychotherapist.

Secondly, I currently work as an occupational therapist and undertake rehabilitation with individuals recovering from the devastating impact of stroke. I have observed that in traditional settings stroke patient’s psychological needs are frequently unmet, even though they are often experiencing great trauma and loss. I believe that art therapy would be a ‘way in’ with this client group to help them explore psychological difficulties they may be going through and allow emotional expression through non-verbal means. This is especially important for individuals experiencing language or cognitive impairment, which is so common after stroke. I feel very passionate about this and believe that I could make a difference to individuals recovering from stroke using art therapy as a medium.

It is because of these two reasons that I am desperately trying to get together funding for the first year of my masters in art psychotherapy, which I will be studying at Goldsmiths University.

If you would like to know more about me or my art please see my blog and my flickr portfolio:

What I Needs & What You Gets:

What I needs...

The cost of the masters is £4240 a year and in total £12,720 over three years (gulp).

In addition to fees and living costs I have to pay for personal therapy every week (a course requirement).

What you gets...

Well by contributing you get some amazing perks as you can see (!), but seriously, I wish I could give more back to you.  All I can say is that I will sincerely commit to this course and doing meaningful and healing work with people who seek art therapy.

The Impact:

Getting the fees for the first year of this course would make an amazing difference to my life and give me an opportunity to do something I am 100% passionate about and believe is my life mission. 

When qualified I will commit to giving back to my local community and ensuring that art psychotherapy will be available for those on low income.

Other Ways You Can Help:

If you can't contribute with money there are others ways you can help:

1. please do share my campaign with your friends, family and on your social networking sites.

2. send as many positive thoughts, prayers and magic pixies my way as possible. 

Thank you so much x

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