Help Me Leave Quebec PLEASE!!

Help me move my family from a racist, prejudice, and discriminating Quebec – I want a better life for my kids!
Leaving Quebec
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It's time to leave this place

Help me move my family from a racist, prejudice, and discriminating Quebec – I want a better life for my kids!

Born and raised in Montreal 35 years ago, things weren’t so bad back then. Actually, it was a pretty decent place to live, no matter who you were.

Skip ahead 35 years, I’m grown up, married with 2 young kids, and as an Anglo family living in Quebec in 2014, I can tell you, there is no worst hell than this.

Like all of you out there, we would do anything in our power to protect our children.  Family first is something I live by, and as both a father and a husband that’s been my priority each and every day. Making sure my children are given the best life I can provide for them, keeping them out of harms way, and teaching them how to be kind and considerate to everyone is something I take pride in.  I don’t believe anyone, young or old, rich or poor, anywhere in this world should be exposed to racism, prejudice, or discrimination, considering how far we’ve come as a people in 2014. Unfortunately, here in Quebec, it’s not the case, it’s actually a way of life, a culture that has not evolved in decades, and constantly seem to be going back in time.

Thankfully, my children are still young, an age that they haven’t had to live the things I have…yet. They haven’t been spit at, told they were garbage, had their food thrown at them, reprimanded at work for speaking English, or simply told to leave the province as they weren’t wanted or welcome here. They haven’t had the luxury of being told that they don’t belong or fit in, or had the language police harass them, refused services or business permit. All this cause I am someone who speaks in English and considered an Anglophone.  

Quebec is known as a province that violates human rights on has done everything possible to squeeze out anyone they feel doesn’t fit their French values.

Did you know that we have language police here to make sure signs and company's don't operate in English! 

After years of trying to convince my wife to leave this province, a place we clearly don’t belong, I finally have. The harsh reality she has been trying to ignore for many years, hoping things could somehow get better in this dismal province, has proved that it will and is only get worst with time. 

The English people on Quebec have been suppressed for long enough. 

How you can help us

To make this move possible, we’d be leaving Quebec and moving to a new province, somewhere that would certainly be new for both of us. We’d be leaving behind our support system, friends and family, a decision that was not taken lightly, but one that is in our eyes, is undeniably the right one.

Our one and only obstacle to make this happen now is money. We have been saving, but haven’t reached enough to cushion us for the time it will take to start our lives over in a new province. To ensure the safety and well being of our children, to be able to move, cover all the bills, rent, food and expenses for roughly 1 year, the time we believe it will take to fully settle in, we estimate that a safety net of roughly 75 thousand would be required.  

This will allow us to settle in a province that we can once again be proud of who we are without having to hide it, Canadian, be accepted for who we are, Anglophones, and live amongst people that are gracious to one another. More than that, my kids will grow up learning what it’s like to be treated with respect, kindness and be an equal, something Quebec is unquestionably not able to offer them. For me, this is priceless and knowing that I have done everything I could to ensure my children are given a fair shot at life, and not have to live through what many of us Anglophone people living in Quebec have to deal with on a daily basis, I know I succeeded as a father.

I am calling on everyone, everywhere; to please help us make this move. I know my fundraising goal may seem high but it’s what we believe we would truly need to make this move happen. If you can help us move out a province where racism, prejudice, and discrimination is a way of life for 80% of the people living here, I will be more than happy to photograph and post every step of our journey to all our supporters. 

My ultimate goal was to raise this money by late August, giving me a chance to enroll my 2 kids into school for September.

I am asking you from the bottom of my heart, please help us get out of this province, one that has no right to be called Canadian nor does it belong in a country as wonderful as Canada. I am proud to be a Canadian, and would love nothing more than to waive the Canadian flag outside my home without fear of someone burning it down.

By donating, you will show the entire world, and Quebec especially, that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and show all English speaking Canadians that there is a much better life outside Quebec where they are welcome. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word to as many people as you can, friends, family, new outlets, social media, radio, Facebook and twitter. I need to make this happen, and the only way it will be possible is with everyone's help.

Some people tell me that if I leave Quebec, they will have won. I tell them, Quebec has already lost.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,

An English speaking Canadian

How bad is it, see for yourself

I have also included a few links below to give people residing outside of Quebec a feel for what daily life is like here for the rest of us.  There are literally hundreds of articles on the internet on how bad this place really is, these are just a few.

Imagine this happened to one of your kids! Racist IGA Franchise!

This is so DISGUSTING. Language police (yes you can laugh) harassing English business owners

English man hit after ordering in French!! HOLY CRAP...WTF??!

Montreal man claims he was attacked after language dispute at Tim Hortons

Read more:

Quebec store owner ordered to translate Facebook page to French

Half of Quebec's anglophones polled feel they can succeed in the province

Half of Quebec non-francophones consider leaving

Quebec's proposed charter violates religious freedom and human rights

Time for the Nation of Quebec to leave Canada

No wonder the rest of Canada hates Quebec

Quebec’s War on English: Language Politics Intensify in Canadian Province

Language spat led to assault, Montreal woman says. 

"When I explained the problem to the clerk, in English, she says the attendant told me to “go back to my country” and “in Quebec, we can only speak French”. ”

Check the updates section as I'll continue to add more links daily! Follow along!

Also, visit and like my Facebook page: Leaving Quebec 2014

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