Help me grow my cotton again

I am getting my organic naturally colored cotton (Foxfibre®) breeding program going again and I need help paying for it.
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  • $5USD

    nothing in the mail, but my heartfelt thanks through the ether

    3 claimed

  • $10USD
    dried cotton boll

    a lovely boll of my cotton for display

    Estimated delivery: October 2013

    25 out of 200 claimed

  • $15USD
    Sonora wheat 1 lb

    As part of my soil fertility program I have been growing this fabulous Sonora heirloom wheat since the year 2001. It is a low yield, highly flavored heirloom that has the roots of a perennial and builds the most beautiful soil and leaves for the sheep to eat after the harvest of the delicious low protein wheat. Wonderful for biscuits, muffins, cakes, pie crusts, and shortbread cookies, it also makes fabulous cream of wheat. 1 lb stoneground fine.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    51 out of 100 claimed

  • $30USD
    2 oz skein of yarn

    Yarn spun at Green Mountain Spinery in Vermont from my own sheep's wool. These sheep are the main way that my crops are fertilized. They are both biodynamic and humanely handled. 2 ply woolen spun yarn is ~ 1500 yds on 2 oz skeins- in many colors including black, silver, brown, light brown, light brown/dark brown ply.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    82 out of 100 claimed

  • $35USD
    3 pairs of Foxfibre® socks

    Specify size medium (fits most women 7-9) or large (fits most men 10-13) brown or green, 3 pairs in a bundle.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    133 out of 300 claimed

  • $40USD
    4 oz skein of chenille yarn

    4 oz skein of boiled Foxfibre® Colorganic® chenille knitting yarn in brown or green. Specify color desired. Machine washable, super soft, yet strong.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    28 out of 100 claimed

  • $40USD
    4 oz skein of wool yarn

    4 oz skein of super bulky wool yarn that is a 3 ply of silver and light brown. Organically spun (Green Mountain Spinnery) from the biodynamic wool from my own fine naturally colored merino sheep. ~200 yds on a 4 oz skein.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    20 out of 300 claimed


    L + XL sweatshirt

    Hand made by a tailer, these professional dark brown fleece sweatshirts are made from my brown variety named Buffalo. The large is...large and the x-large is gigantic.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    6 out of 6 claimed

  • $250USD
    XL Foxfibre® sweatshirt

    Handmade by a master tailor, this XL sweatshirt is made from the pima brown variety named "Buffalo" made up in a fleece fabric. XL fits a large or tall person (was designed for a 6' 6" man)

    Estimated delivery: October 2013

    0 out of 3 claimed


    eco-tanned pelt

    A coyote was eating all the lambs (he got 51 last year) and to change his eating habits and behavior I took the sheep off the pasture for a few months, rescued a guardian dog, and took all the smallest sheep to be slaughtered humanely. So, these pelts are from all these who would have been eaten by the coyote anyway. The pelts were tanned without heavy metals and are extremely soft. They are in shades of brown or black.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    10 out of 10 claimed

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