Help me create long term assistance for victims of Domestic Violence!

I want the abuse I survived to matter. I want to make a difference. Is that so much to ask?
David Stevenson
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Arburn, Washington
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Great news!  Donations outside of indiegogo via paypal ( have created almost half of our goal.  We are still in need of donations,  but we can get a slow start to our goal of helping survivors! ! Yea!! Thank you so much for all your help!

My mission is to create funds for a business that will support victims of domestic abuse by giving back through donating our profits to well researched non-profit victim support organizations, and education foundations. The goal is to create long term financial support, so that victims can access resources they need for years to come.

 Hi, I'm David.  I am a certified Locksmith with 12+ years of service and management experience.  I am also a survivor of both child abuse and adult domestic violence.

I have already personally spent several thousand dollars of my own funds creating this business. This company is being built to create long term funds to support victims. 

Right from the start we will be donating everything we can, within five years we will be able to create enough profits to make yearly donations of $50,000 or more. Think of it as an investment in the futures of victims. EVERY DIME YOU DONATE WILL MULTIPLY FOR MANY YEARS TO COME.  I can not do it alone, neither can the victims of domestic violence. (ask me how I know)

Your help, will continue to give back to the community and help DV victims thrive in these hard times and questionable future. Even one dollar can start to make a change for the future. 

Why a for profit business instead of going non-profit??

Well, there are a few reasons.

  • A for profit, controls it's own margin, costs, and budget. While an NPO, must run within specific guidelines. Too much profit, and you lose funding.  
  • Funding for an NPO is at the whim of whoever accepts the grant request and the budget allowed by the government that year.
  • NPO funding is fickle, No guarantees.
  • As a for profit, I determin where every dime of the profit is donated.  If I make more than I expect, I get to donate more than I expected as well!!

What we have done,

  • We have created the business plan
  • We have aquired the UBI number, and federal Tax ID
  • We have a company bank account
  • I have done several hundred hours of market research to determine that my market base is sound
  • I have aquired my personal certification and bond documents.

What I need,

  • My funding goal is $40,000 to purchase equipment, stock, and advertising. I will also be creating fliers for local DV groups to let their clients know of my free crisis services.
  • 100% of all campaign funds will be used to create this business. If my funding goal is not reached, I will continue the fight to create the needed funds. 
  • PLEASE feel free to email me with any questions you may have.  I am even happy to give you my phone number by email if you want to talk about any concerns. please note in the subject line  "DV, or victims" so I know it's not just spam mail. 

The Impact

  • The business created with these funds will be a long term consistent resource supporting victims in healing and moving forward in their lives. Your donation of even a few dolllars will provide thousands of dollars over time providing long term safety and healing for many more victims.
  • Locksmith shops can create huge profits from day one. In the business plan, We will start donating everything we can right away, funds up to $50,000 a year will be available for donation by the fifth year, and for many years thereafter including an education fund for GED programs and school for victims anf their families.
  • The $40,000 funded from this campaign will be re-donated many times over.

Other Ways You Can Help

           If you choose not to support my campaign, PLEASE consider supporting your local DV help group(s) PLEASE.




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