Help Max Fight Cancer!

Please help my dog Max fight cancer. Six Months of Chemo is $7000 + other Vet costs. Please give whatever you can and help Max live!



My name is Jane Klein and I am trying to raise funds to save my amazing dog Max.

Max is a 12 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old.  Since then it's pretty much just been the two of us. He is my best friend and daily companion.  So much of my pleasure is derived from Max's happiness, and I've truly done what I could over these 12 years to ensure good health and long life.  Max has always had plenty of fresh air and exercise, as well a steady diet of home cooked meals.  This cancer was such a terrible shock and surprise as Max still looks healthy as ever.  We are truly devastated but also hopeful that with proper medical care Max can live out the rest of his natural life and we can continue to be blessed with his unique and quirky presence. 

Max has malignant Anal Sac Neoplasia that has caused a large mass to grow around his spleen, urinary tract, and colon.  When we caught it in April, and though Max was only just beginning to show any signs of something being wrong, the growth was already the size of about a Milky Way Bar.  The initial prognosis was extremely poor, suggesting that within a couple of months the growth would begin to impede his ability to eliminate, causing the toxins to remain in his body and poison him.  I was told that it was this inevitability that would force us to put Max down, rather then the cancer itself.

To me Max still appeared so healthy and so alive; I found this diagnosis and prognosis hard to accept.  We went for a second opinion, and then a meeting with an oncologist who told me that though it was true that the current size and location of the cancer made it extremely difficult to operate, this type of cancer did respond quite well to Palladia, a new type of oral Chemotherapy.

The treatment itself would be over six months and cost between $7000-$8000 dollars. I'd already spent my savings, close to $2000, figuring out what was wrong with Max, but decided to go ahead and begin the treatments anyway.  I put my faith in the powers that be and chose to trust and believe  that the finances would sort themselves out. There had to be resources out there to help people like me and dogs like Max.  So far this has proved to be true but we still are in dire need of financial assistance.

Today is May 5th and we are about 35 days into 6 months of Chemotherapy treatment.  We had a second ultrasound done this past week and the cancerous mass is approximately HALF the size it was at the time of the first ultrasound, taken just before we began the Chemo.  This is amazing progress and is truly the best results we could hope for at this stage in the game.  The Vet also said that the "half sized" mass still in there is about 60% liquid so we can now even begin to reconsider surgery as an option in the coming months.  This would be wonderful but also another several thousand dollars on top of what is already projected to be between $7000-$8000. 

I am glad to provide copies of bills thus far incurred as well as the estimates we were given back in the beginning of April.  

During Max's first month taking the Palladia, we saw the vet once a week with appointment costs ranging from about $350 to about $415, depending on what blood tests they did that week.  We now go every other week, and our last bill was $738, plus that same week we spent another several hundred dollars for an Ultrasound, urine tests, and antibiotics.

This whole medical process is extremely expensive and way beyond my means.  I am not happy to have to ask for outside assistance, but I also believe there are kind spirited human beings who have loved and lost a pet, or maybe they just love animals, and that those people might be happy to contribute a little something to Max's medical fund.

I love my Max with all my heart, and as long as he is happy and healthy I will do everything within my powers to help him live. But I cannot do this alone.  I need your help.

Reference Info:

Oncology Veterinarian: Dr Joshua Lachowicz

Blue Pearl Specialty + Emergency Medicine for Pets



Standard Longtime Vet: Dr Bridget Halligan (For standard care, ultrasounds, etc.)

West Chelsea Veterinary


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