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Michael Ciccia
Guelph, Ontario
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Hi there! We're Mandroid Echostar, thank you for visiting our Indiegogo page! For those of you who aren't familiar with us, we are a Canadian progressive pop metal band from Guelph, Ontario. We released our first EP on April 22nd 2012, and have been touring, making music and pumping out video's since! We as a band have been absolutely floored by the amount of love and opportunity we've received in only one year. And after an amazing first year as a band, we are finally ready to expand our catalogue.

We are very excited to say that we have written a new album! We have been working extremely hard on these new songs over the last six months, and we couldn't be more proud. Beginning April 15th we will be recording the new album with Jordan Valeriote in our hometown of Guelph, at Sundown Studios. Jordan produced and mixed our first EP, as well as many other amazing bands including Intervals, Dead and Divine, Silverstein and more. 

Now as you may or may not know, recording music can be very expensive. We've always believed in biting the bullet for the best possible product, and this record cycle will be no exception. But unfortunately, as with most progressive acts, we are a band of modest means. There are so many factors that go into the costs of a record cycle; recording costs, mixing & mastering, album art and music videos, just to name a few. These can be quite overwhelming costs for six young fellas. But with a little help from all of you wonderful people we can record this album, make music videos, make awesome merchandise, tour for the album and more, without putting future Mandroid Echostar into a bottomless pit of debt.   

The Situation.

We as a band have been working hard to put together as much money as possible to throw at this record. But unfortunately when you work a job that allows you to be in a band, you don't necessarily receive the income you need to support it. Having said that, what we are hoping to raise is 7000$. This is essentially what we need to cover the later stages of recording, the manufacturing of our new record, and the extra media that goes along with an album. 

A rough breakdown of our costs:

Tracking / Mixing with Jordan Valeriote - 4500$

Mastering with Roger Lian - 1500$

Music video / Playthroughs with Ben Dundas - 3000$

Album art / Merch design - 1000$  

Initial album manufacturing - 1500$

Total - 11,500$ 

So these are the obstacles we're facing. We're paying for everything we can ourselves, but that only covers a portion of what we need to do this album justice. If we can raise our goal of 7000$ we can roll out this record according to plan, giving you guys our 7 track EP, a music video, maybe a playthrough or two and some killer merchandise. We are committed to making these things happen, and with your help we can without a doubt accomplish all this and more! There are some pretty awesome perks over to the side, and we're really excited to produce them for you guys! Everything we're giving away here is exclusive to this campaign, and will not be available afterwards (except the album of course) so get these while you can! Whether you purchase a digital download or one of our personal guitars, every donation means the world. And whether we meet our goal, fall short, or surpass it, we will make this record and do all of these things in whatever capacity we can. The higher our total the more we can accomplish in the name of Mandroid! And of course we will be sure to keep every one of you updated on exactly what your hard earned dollars are doing for us!

With your help.

As you can tell, we are trying to make 2013 a big year, and this campaign is the first step. We've been blown away by how many amazing fans we've been lucky enough to have in our time as a band. And we're asking you to continue to be amazing fans and to continue your incredible support for this music. With your help we can keep making the music we've been crusading our whole lives.

Alternative methods of being awesome.

Now if you don't have the means to contribute financially, but still want to help us out, there are many ways to do it! Spreading the word about our campaign is half the battle, and any sharing of our band and our cause mean more than you know. So to help us in other ways:

1) Share the campaign on Facebook & Twitter

2) Like our Facebook bandpage and follow us on Twitter

3) Download our debut EP for free at Bandcamp

4) Buy our new record when it comes out!

Thank you so much for reading, we really hope you want to get involved and help us make our way! After all, we're just a band, standing in front of the world, asking it for money. 


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    Man Friend Echo Love

    With this perk you are able to donate anywhere from 1 dollar to 10,000 dollars. What you get is our undying love for you and extreme gratitude forever. You will also receive an email from a band member thanking you for the donation.

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  • $10CAD
    Man Bro Echo Deal

    Receive a digital copy of our new album one week before the release date.

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    Tee Droid Echo Disc

    Receive a physical copy of our new record as well as an exclusive T-shirt and a digital download one week before the release date. *Please specify T shirt sizes in order

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    Man Vinyl Echo Player

    Receive all of the previous perks as well as a limited edition coloured vinyl of our new album. *Please specify T shirt sizes in order

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  • $125CAD
    Book Droid Echo Thanks

    Receive all of the perks from the Shirt Droid Echo Disc package as well as a handwritten lyric book and a personal thank you in the liner notes. *Please specify T shirt sizes in order

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    Paint Droid Echo Art

    Receive a custom water colour painting by our handsome and talented drummer Matt HK. This piece is customizable and can be used for anything from album designs to personal art. Contributors will be contacted for details after the campaign. Also includes the Shirt Droid Echo Disc package. *Please specify T shirt sizes in order

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  • $500CAD
    Guest Droid Echo Singer

    Our incredibly beautiful lead singer, Michael will perform a guest vocal spot on your record. Contributors will be contacted for details after the campaign. Also includes the Shirt Droid Echo Disc package. *Please specify T shirt sizes in order

    1 out of 2 claimed
  • $600CAD
    Man Date Echo Day

    You and a friend get to spend the day with Mandroid. This glorious day will include such activities as: A tour of our local brewery (if you are of age) Bowling, and a home cooked Italian meal courtesy of Mama Ciccia (Michael's Mother) and more! (We're open to suggestions!) Transportation not included if you live more than 2 hours outside of Guelph, Ontario. Also includes the Shirt Droid Echo Disc package. *Please specify T shirt sizes in order

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  • $2,200CAD
    Seven Droid Echo String

    Receive a signed Ibanez RGA7 (with Dimarzio Liquifire 7 and Crunchlab 7 pick ups) used by Stephen Richards of Mandroid Echostar. This guitar was used to record parts of our first ep, our first music video, as well as all of our live shows to date. Also includes the Shirt Droid Echo Disc package. *Please specify T shirt sizes in order

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