Help Long Beach

We are teachers from Long Beach High School looking to help the people of Long Beach who were devastated by hurricane Sandy


Who We Are And Why We Need Your Help

We are teachers at Long Beach High School ( Elizabeth Levin, Brian Petschauer, Diane Maier, Lisa Casey, and Allyse Gulotta) who have seen the utter devastation of our community by hurricane Sandy.

Long Beach has been destroyed by the storm, and countless people (students and colleagues) have lost their home, cars, and possessions.  People are not getting the help they need, and we want to assist them as best we can and as quickly as we can. 

Any donation will help- even $5 can help buy formula or diapers.

With your donation we will buy and distribute necessary items to those in need- from clothes and shoes to gift cards for groceries and gas.  As teachers in Long Beach, we have access and knowledge of who and what is needed, and we just want to help.

Even if you can't help with a donation, help by passing this along to friends and family who can.


Team on This Campaign: