Help Local MMA Fighters

Support these young, talented, and respectful people. Help us promote them and support their training.

Hi! I'm Ernest.

I, with a group of like-minded individuals, put up a local fitness/MMA gym in Iloilo City, Philippines.


The idea is simple... create a self-sustaining business that will promote sports and wellness, and keep youngsters off the streets.

Soon, the number of interested youngsters, MMA enthusiasts, and fighters increased. Demand for better facilities and equipment has also increased. To make money, some of the more experienced fighters instruct and help younger kids develop their skills and promote positive attitude.

We'd love to support these young, talented, and respectful people but we can only do so much with our current resources.

What We Need

Primarily, what we need are improvement of our facility and additional training gear. We also need funds to support the athletes for their upcoming fights.
This is how our gym looks. It's crude, yet warm and welcoming.
Fight training for everyonegrappling and muay thai
As you can see, our floor is hard, unfinished concrete. We lack headgear, pads, and mitts. Our grappling mat is just made of improvised foam and tarp. It crumples and rough on fighters' bodies.

Thankfully, some equipment were donated by generous trainees.
We already had a team of trainers and specialists (Jiujitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Boxing). They are a wonderful bunch of people that are willing to train interested youngsters and they ask for better equipment and fight gear.
At the top of my mind, these are the things we need:
  • Rubber Mat Flooring (to prevent blisters and soften falls)
  • MMA and Boxing Gloves
  • Punching and Kicking Mitts
  • More Heavy Bags
  • Head Gear
  • Body Gear
  • Grappling Mat
  • Groin Guards


The Impact of Your Donation

I was a troubled teen myself and realized sports can be a great source of motivation and direction. Dedication to any sport, particularly "fighting" sports, encourages an individual to have self-discipline, better fitness, and harbor a stable mind. Consequently, it keeps youngsters off drugs, street violence, and other bad stuff.
We (The Gym) are gradually gaining respect from our community as a organization that molds young minds and characters in a positive way.
We have young capable men. And they have ambitions to fight internationally for honor and to improve financial standing. All they need is a good place to train. Your donations will definitely be appreciated!

Other Ways You Can Help

Help us get the word out! Thank you very much!

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