Help Launch a Boulder Paleo Restaurant: Blooming Beets Kitchen

Blooming Beets will be Boulder's healthiest kitchen. We will not use any added junk, grains or sugar. Only farm fresh veggies, quality meat and good fats.

Meet Iva and Blooming Beets Kitchen

Hi there, my name is Iva and I'm the founder of the first 100% paleo restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. 

I love cooking, creating recipes, learning about nutrition, and working at restaurants. I also love local business and being an entrepreneur.

All those things are passions of mine - but what really gets me going is real, whole foods from great sources. No added junk, no inflammatory foods, and nothing processed -- that includes grains, soy and corn products, vegetable oils and sugar. 

I believe we should eat real food -- from real organic local farms and pastures. Not just because it's good for the environment, but because it's the healthy thing to put in our bodies. My dream is to share this vision of healthy, natural eating with thousands of people who come to the restaurant, and help to spread the word about good food beyond the close community of athletes and nutrition junkies. 

The Impact 

You may ask, 'why should I care?' This country has a real problem. 50 million people have heart disease, 20 million have diabetes (with another 57 million having pre-diabetes), and many more suffer from celiac and autoimmune diseases. It's a big problem -- we're up against a lot. And we can't fix everything. But with Blooming Beets, and every person positively affected by natural food, we can contribute to a better alternative.

Blooming Beets can demonstrate just how delicious and unrestrictive healthy eating can be. 

Our mission is not just to provide great food and great experience, but to show people how to live healthy. We'll hand out recipes for our dishes to each customer, hold cooking demos, and show people how to make their healthy food at home every day. We'll also provide meal plans and pre-packaged lunches and dinners for the busy crowd. We have an opportunity to bring superfood to the masses. 

Where your money will go

We're looking at two different locations now. One of them is in north Boulder, lower priced but more remote for many Boulderites. The second location is right in the middle of downtown Boulder. It may not be cheap, but we feel it's the perfect location to make a big impact in Boulder.

If we reach our goal, we will be able to open in North Boulder. However, if we exceed the goal and raise at least $50,000 total, we will be able to cover the expenses of a prime downtown location. 

Your generous donation will help fund:

  • Rent for the first 5 months while we find our wings ($25,000 total for the downtown location)
  • Installation of a grade 2 hood and grease trap ($22,000 total for the downtown location)
  • First orders of food from local farmers, printing menus, cooking equipment, dining room accessories, menu boards, etc. 

The Perks

Our eternal gratitude goes out to everyone who makes any donation, no matter how small. For saints who donate above a certain amount, we have got some great perks lined up, including items such as our very own cookbook, prepaid meals, and tickets to an exclusive catered founder's party. Perks include options for locals, as well as for folks who support us from a distance.

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't contribute? That's ok. Help us get the word out! Like our campaign on Facebook page or share one of our fundraising posts on your Facebook wall. Check out www.facebook.com/bloomingbeets for our Facebook page.

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