Help Keith Attend UMD College Park

Keith was offered a full scholorship to attend the UMD College Park by a Dr Gregory McClees, Phd which was a scam..
Dina Blocker
District Heights, Maryland
United States
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My son Keith Blocker was featured on NBC Channel 4 News in may of this year for having PERFECT ATTENDANCE for 13 years and graduating number 5 in his class with an accumulative gpa of 3.96 when he graduated from Suitland High School June 3, 2013. What didnt air was the fact we were in need of money to make Keith's dream of attending UMD College Park a reality. I prayed for a miracle. A man we know as Dr Gregory McClees, Phd, who resides in Washington, DC contacted Channel 4 to offer Keith a full scholorship to University of Maryland College Park, the same college he said he graduated from. He was put in touch with me and within about a month he came to our home to meet us in person. Since that time he appeared to come very fond of our family and we had him over for dinner a couple of times and even fixed food for him and dropped off to him because he said with his busy schedule he missed home cooked meals. With what he offered our son we were more than happy to do little things to show our appreciation including giving Dr McClees small amounts of money several times after he lost his wallet and didnt have direct access to cash.  In total we gave him almost $200. Dr, McClees invited keith and 9 guests to attend the upcoming private March on Washington/Kingonomics Gala Thursday, Aug 22 at the Washignton Convention Center where he said Keith along with another student he was giving a scholorship would be presented their scholorships.  Keith was asked by Dr McClees to write an essay which he wanted Keith to read the night of the Gala. He offered to purchase a suit for Keith and my husband for the big night and took them on Keith's birthday, to Joseph A Banks where they choose about $3500 worth of items which included items for keith for college. The items were held but never paid for or picked up.  This should have been a red flag but the gala was still a month away. He also took Keith by HHG where he picked out a computer and tv for college. He sent me an email that he would give us the cash to pick all the items up but it didnt happen but he was a very very busy man, so we thought.  Shortly after Dr. McClees gave me a check for $1000 to purchase items for keiths dorm room. After I spent the money, including a last mintute dinner request for Dr McClees and 2 guests and him needing to borrow $20 I found out a stop payment was put on the check which costed me dearly after every transaction was reversed and fees were assesed.  For 2 weeks Dr. McClees would email me something different about when I would receive my money and kept increasing the amount he would return to us for the troube this caused. Last email we were up to a $10,000 certified check that we receive to not only make up for what he called the banks error but to put us ahead 2 months on the mortgag that bounced because of this.  Last week after the stress of not gettnig the money for the check the reality that this might be scam with tution being due in 3 weeks sent my husband to the hospital for 3 days. I have proof of this and more but I can only type so much here. Channel 7 news interviewed us yesterday (Aug 6) and the story should air this week we were told. Hoping other networks will help me expose this scammer so he never does this to anyone again. Please help keith's dream become a reality and make a donation for him to further his education at UMD College Park where he has been accepted in the College Park Scholors Program. We didnt deserve to be deceived this way.  Thank you for reading our story and for helping. God Bless you!!

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