Kaleigh is suffering from a prolactinoma, which is a tumor on her pituitary gland inside of her head and has been without treatment for 4 years.
Kaleigh VanAlstine
Orlando, Florida
United States
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My name is Kaleigh and I am 26 years old. In 2008, I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma, which is a type of tumor on my pituitary gland, which is in the middle of my brain. In the easiest way to explain it, it basically makes my body think that I am pregnant. Not to mention it pushes against my optic nerve, making my vision worse and giving me a constant headache. At the end of 2008, I was able to get an MRI and see an endrocrinologist 2 times before I lost my insurance. Since then, I have not had treatment for this tumor. I was in college and could not get insurance and have been unemployed since, yet actively searching for a job; anything to get insurance! This tumor has caused 30 lbs of weight gain, loss of menstration (which means I can't have kids), and can possibly lead me to becoming permanently infertle and even possibly blind if the tumor causes enough damage to my optic nerve.


I am doing this because I don't have any other options right now. I have contacted various organizations seeking help, but since my tumor is benign, I have been denied help. I need to see a doctor very badly, and possibly need to have another MRI since it has been so long. MRIs are not cheap and neither are doctor visits. The medications I was on before was $250 a month and that was WITH insurance, so it will be the same or more without. But I'm just reaching out for any kind of help I can get. I am young and do not want this tumor to control my body and life anymore. Plus, I do not want it to make me inferitle so I won't have the choice of having my own children. 


If you can not donate, that is fine, I know times are hard. But spread the word; share with your friends or anyone you know. I appreciate any and everything because it will all go towards the outrageous amount of money I will need in order to even get a doctor's appointment.

 $5000.00 is a small portion of what I will end up needing (MRIs, Blood work, Multiple Dr visits, Medications), but I figured it is a start. I know I'll end up needing more, but this will help give me a start.

Thank you so much.


Update 7/23: If anyone has anything personal to ask or share, please send it in a message, not a comment being rude. Also, since going public, someone has reached out to me and told me about UVA having a hospital/department dedicated to my type of tumor. I have sent them the application and paperwork they need in order to contact me about assistance and will be mailing my medical records and MRI CDs this week to their patient coordinator, who I have been emailing with. IF I do get financial assistance from them, this money will be used to pay them what I can and also for transportation to and from there, as I do not have an income at the moment. It will also be used, if I have surgery, for my mother to travel to stay with me during recovery. Thanks.


Update 8/7: So I heard back from UVA & the endocrinologist & neurosurgeon want to see me! Earliest I could get in for everything is October 24; that day I will have a MRI at 10:00, see the endocrinologist at 12, & neurosurgeon at 12:30! I did qualify for some financial assistance, but will still be paying a certain amount towards visits, tests, and possible surgery. I also still need to raise money for that, travel costs (and everything that comes with travel, ex: food, gas, tickets, rent a car ((if needed)) and so on), not to mention, my mom will be taking time off of work to come, especially if I have surgery, so she will be missing work/pay. Thank you for all of the support so far! I'm thankful this is going to be happening & still need to raise funds, so don't forget to share with your friends!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

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