Help Justin Cross Make His New Album

I need your help to make my second full length album, "Hope Where It Lies." I know these 12 songs are the best I've written and I want to share them with you!

I Know What You're Thinking... "Why Should I Help This Guy Make An Album?" 

The answer is simply "HOPE." 

So, what does that have to do with music?

Hope is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. "I hope I get an "A" on my test" or "I hope I can come to the show next week," but the truth is, real tangible hope gets left by the door like a pair of shoes we have outgrown.  Our world feels pretty hopeless. Almost every time I turn on the news, I hear terrible stories about how the world is falling apart or how 100 people died because of some car bomb.  It breaks my heart. Then it numbs me. Then it is just plain exhausting. I know you can agree. It all feels hopeless, and it only seems to be getting worse.


A year or two ago something clicked for me. After years of writing mostly sad and cynical songs and viewing the world through a hopeless lens, I had an epiphany. The world is not hopeless!! It changed my life and it changed the direction of my musical career forever. I started to see glimmers of this in my lyrics. Even among some of the darker tones, the theme of hope was still visible. I couldn't escape it, and it was a wonderful feeling. As I played the 12 songs that will make up the album for myself and for others, I started to see them as more than just tunes to enjoy. They became ambassadors of hope. Playing music for people became less of a dream and more of a mission to change the atmosphere around me, however small or large the reach. This is why I need your help. It isn't just to make an album. This world needs some hope and you can partner with me to give it some. 

A Little About The Album

"Hope Where It Lies" is a concept album. It tells the story of a man from youth to adulthood to the deathbed (and beyond?). The songs range from personal and reflective confessionals to rollicking and rowdy protest songs. The story is simple: It's about a life from beginning to end. It's about brokenness, heartache, joy, redemption, and (of course) hope. 

What We Need To Make This Happen

To fund this grand mission of ours, we need to raise $3,000. The money that is raised will go toward recording and mastering the album, making physical copies, and putting the record up on iTunes, Amazon, ect. Any money raised beyond the goal will go toward promotion of the album and a tour in support of it. 

What You Get In Return

Don't think I would just ask for your money and leave you empty handed!! Along with the knowledge that  you will be helping me to make the world a better place, you will also be able to select a "perk" with your donation of $10 or more. These perks range from a digital download to a guitar lesson to a private concert for you and your friends. You can even become a producer of the album! It's your choice! 

Other Ways You Can Help

I completely understand that some of you can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Here are some ways you can be a baller on a budget! 

  • Spread the word to as many people as possible! Word of mouth is the most valuable promotional tool! 
  • Promote the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlet! 
  • Blog about it! I would be happy to do an interview with all you bloggers or web contributors out there! 

An effective street team is the difference between us reaching our goal or failing to do so. Even if you can't give money, a little of your time is just as valuable!


In the grand scheme of things, $3,000 isn't a whole heck of a lot of money, so I think this is a pretty reasonable goal. In other words, we can make this thing happen! But I can't do it without you!

I believe in these songs and need your help to make them come to life. Will you partner with me to make this thing happen? 

In case you are still debating or questioning (or just having a bad day), here's a puppy... 

Team on This Campaign: