Help Jazzinho manufacture and promote a vinyl LP of its new album : Veludo.

Jazzinho´s album Veludo is ready. We have the artwork and the distribution. We need your help to make a vinyl LP + CD and promote them. Please pledge & share.
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Video sous titrée en Français - Video com legendas em Português.

Hey Big Spender ! This page is for you. Today you can do the right thing !

First thanks for visiting to my crowd-funding page. Please take a moment to read:

  • What we have done so far.
  • What your contribution will pay for.
  • What amazing perks you will get in return.

OK, let's do it:


For the past two years we have worked very hard at writing and recording a third Jazzinho album. I wanted it to be recorded Ol'School : everything written and recorded the same way Burt Bacharach and Bill Withers did. It is a mix of Soul, Jazz and Bossa Nova. It is ready to be manufactured, promoted and put in stores around the world.

Originally the idea was to record four tracks on an EP, but we ended up recording eight to fit a 12" vinyl LP. To do this I asked my network of musician and sound engineer friends around the world to lend their talent. In London, Graham Harvey (Incognito, Stacey Kent) called his mates to record the rhythm section. When these guys are not recording for little me, they are behind Brian Eno, Sting, Jamiroquai, Eric Clapton etc... Well, am I a lucky girl ?

Femi Temowo (ex MD of Amy Winehouse) recording his solo.

Once we had all the rhythm tracks for the album, Graham came to Lisbon and we asked the string section of the National Opera and conductor Maestro Pedro Amaral to moonlight for us and record all the strings in one day.

Recording strings at Namouche Estudios in Lisbon

For a major record company, this would be a costly project and they would think twice before green-lighting it. Imagine how costly it can be for an independent artist. Fortunately, everybody worked for a fraction of what they usually ask. 

All the vocals were recorded at home, by myself, in my vocal booth, hooked to Skype so Graham could communicate live with me from the UK.

My studio in the attic. This is Major Guida to ground control ?

Once everything was in the can, Richard Bull, the sound engineer behind Incognito and George Benson's great sound, applied his magic to the mix and the mastering of the album. Needless to say that the album sounds huge ! I mean "huge" 70s style.

Tamla Motown Soul legend Leon Ware

Talking about the 70s, I was blessed to have Leon Ware writing and singing with me "A Seed In You", the opening duet. For those who are too young to remember, this gentleman, a Tamla Motown recording artist who wrote "I wanna be where you are" for Michael Jackson, wrote and produced the entire "I want you" album for Marvin Gaye and wrote, sung "Body Heat" on the eponymous album by Quincy Jones. And that's just to name a few... 


Three Tracks Sampler - Veludo by Guida de Palma & Jazzinho from Guida de Palma & Jazzinho


The most excellent Todd Maronne, a street artist from Philly, has created the artwork using a combination of lino cut and his computer. I love it !

The beautiful artwork Todd Maronne did for the album.


We have a licence in Japan with the prestigious P-Vine label and distribution for the rest of the world through the excellent Proper Distribution in the UK. This means that the album will be available in specialist stores; HMV might even want to stock a few copies...  and of course the likes of Amazon, iTunes, Deezer, EMusic etc. We already have received enquiries from importers in the US.

To cut the long story short, everything is ready to manufacture and sell the product .

All we need is the financing for manufacturing and promotion.




We need to manufacture the "physical" product to put in brick and mortar points of sales and online stores -i.e HMV, Soul Brother Records, Amazon etc...

The album will be available as :

  1. A CD with a nice Digipak cardboard packaging, not these ugly jewell cases.
  2. A 180 grams audiophile vinyl LP using Direct Metal Mastering. Every copy of the LP will have unique a code authorising one free download of the album in the format of one's choosing.

The manufacturing is taken care of by Pallas, the best vinyl records company in the world. The Bees Knees ! Whenever the Rolling Stones want to reissue their entire discography in vinyl, only Pallas is allowed to do it. They have seventy years of vinyl pressing experience with the greatest acts on the planet including Herbert Von Karajan for Deutsch Gramophon... We are talking quality here. 

And, since we are a bunch of dinosaur perfectionists, we also went for Direct Metal Mastering. This is a technique only mastered by a handful of people. It allows to "cut" the matrices between which the hot vinyl is pressed into actual LPs. The stylus cuts directly into copper and not into softer acetate. The result is a more accurate sound, mainly in the higher frequencies, like for the strings and flutes.

To make this happen we also have to pay the mechanical rights, shipping, layout, you would not believe, etc...

To be totally honest, this is already in the pipeline. We have borrowed from a bunch of Albanian loan sharks and left our eighteen year old daughter as an hostage. Er, well, that's not entirely true, perhaps a tad exaggerated.  Let us say that we are heavily indebted, and this adding to that, we are concerned about triggering another credit crunch  ;-)

Altogether, for manufacturing 1300 CDs and 1080 LPs, we need €5K. 


As you have probably noticed we are rather fluent with communicating on the internet. Jazzinho already has a solid following on social networks and this was crucial in making the project happen. Besides, we have been rather lucky that Jazz FM UK picked up my duet with Leon Ware.... We will forever be grateful for this little push that turned to be a great help.


Jazzinho Airplay on the Mighty Jazz FM UK by Guida de Palma & Jazzinho from Guida de Palma & Jazzinho

Nevertheless we still need mainstream media to talk up Veludo. It would allow us to get a buzz going and sell enough copies so that we would have to press more batches of LPs and CDs. Even if we manage to reach our goal of €10K, we will not recoup our investment. Not that it is our main goal, but it would certainly help.


A Radio Plugger

We have hired Christian Young of, a radio plugger and press and Press person, to:

  1. Talk to FM Radios and DJs into playing our album.
  2. Get the pertinent specialist magazines and website to write editorial content about the album.

Besides we have to give away a large number of CDs and LPs to the press.

The thinking is that if we have a little success in the UK, we can leverage it abroad. We are talking to a number of people and we will make a choice soon.

One or two more video promos. 

We already have a fantastic video. It was done by Todd Maronne and his mate Billy Blob.

We'd like to do two more videos.



If by a miracle beyond our imagination we were to reach our €10000 goal, please do not stop pledging. We think this amount is achievable but, truly we need twice this amount to manufacture more CDs and even more LPs, which of course  helps us fund our madly eccentric lifestyle and keep in employment all these young Hipsters in independent record stores.


If you leave this page without pledging, be aware that, and it is a well known fact, a fluffy little internet kitten will die, and it will be your fault ! Which of course will be advertised at the top of Google's first page every time someone googles your name, and this for the rest of your life. Just saying ;-) 

Your last chance to save a nice internet kitten.

So, pledge generously, and get your friends to pledge even more generously (after all it is their money, not yours). Go on, jut do it, it feels great. And once your pledging is done, let all your networks know how generous you really are. 

Now have a look at these amazing Perks you get by pledging. Some of them you get within 48 hours of pledging. In almost all cases shipping is included.

Thank you,


PS: Share this with at least 100 friends within five minutes and we guaranty absolutely nothing special will happen to you : life as susual. Isn't it amazing ?

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  • €5EUR
    Download A Seed In You

    Money's too tight to mention... but you want to help. Thank you, we thoroughly appreciate. This this the flagship track of the album.

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  • €15EUR
    Download Veludo.

    You want to help, but you can't spend too much. This perk is for you. With this perk you can download the album, in the format of your choice : MP3, AAC, FLAC etc. Hence, you will receive a special edition of Veludo that will give you many years of satisfaction. Once in your iPod, its soothing qualities will help you cope with stressful situations like commuting or annoying colleagues. Guida's mellifluous voice will take you to her world of complete relaxation and harmony .

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  • €25EUR
    Download 3 albums

    Download Jazzinho's entire discography: The 1st album with tracks by Chris Franck and remixes by SleepWalker. Atlas, produced by Ed Motta with a remix by Nicola Conte. Veludo the new current one.

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  • €35EUR
    CD of Veludo signed by Guida

    Above the exhilarating feeling of having supported the arts, you will also enjoy the amazing music on this surprisingly beautiful CD. Manufactured in Germany and presented in a sophisticated Digipak packaging adorned with Todd Marrone's original artwork the cover will be signed manually by the Diva herself. Needless to say that the music on this album will give you many years of enjoyment. Played, say when the mother in law is around, it will help you remain calm and collected.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €40EUR
    T Shirt with Artwork

    Quality black Fruit of the Loom Tee Shirt with Todd Marrone's artwork on the front. Please mention the size (S M L XL XXL) and give 28 days delay as they are made to order. Shipping included.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €50EUR
    LP of Veludo signed by Guida

    A true music connoisseur and original Crate Digger, you entertain your friends playing only rare original editions vinyl LPs on your vintage Hi Fi. Well, prepare to be amazed: This audiophile 180 grams vinyl is pressed by Pallas in Germany and the "Direct Metal Mastering" was done by no less than Pauler Acoustics. If this means nothing to you, what you need to know is that these guys are the Jedi Masters of record pressing. And, as if this was not enough, the diva will sign your own copy.

    5 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €400EUR
    Test pressing + Download

    Test Pressings are what the artist gets to check that all is fine and that the pressing plant can launch the manufacturing. They are the "artist's proofs" of the musical world. Highly sought after, these have the added value of being the result of the rarely used Direct Metal Mastering. Besides they come from Pallas, the very best pressing plant in the world. There are only three of them. This perk comes with a signed LP as well as a full download of the album.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €4,000EUR
    Voucher for a Private Concert

    For "Patron of the Arts". Guida and her trio - bass, drum & keys - will entertain you and your friends. They will play Soul Jazz Bossa. The voucher has to be used within 18 months. 5 persons will come to any civilised part of the world, but UK is easier. You have to arrange a venue, flights, backline, accommodation, food, audio PA etc. You can charge your guests a small fee to help you recoup the cost.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €10,000EUR
    Corporate Sponsorship

    Your run an ethical business and wish to help Jazzinho. You think we share the same values and beliefs. Please contact me first via my web site or Facebook to validate we are compatible. If we are, then Jazzinho will proudly carry your colours everywhere possible.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
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