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Itch FM are looking for contributors to help buy radio equipment so they can stream real hip hop 24/7.
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Who We Are

Hi, we are Trevor and Eza, and we're the co-founders of Itch FM.

We’ve always been passionate about music.

We love business also. And as it turns out, we're not too bad at organizing things.

For instance, we started a radio station (the old Itch FM), we both ran a record label for seven years, ran a music publishing company, organized numerous events, had a DJ and artist agency, sold merchandise online as well as offline, consulted for businesses using social media, video production and direct response marketing inside and outside of the music industry, created buzz out of thin air. Breathe! The only thing we haven’t done yet, is turn water into wine!

All jokes aside, we’ve had some success alongside many failures.

As you can imagine nothing worth doing is easy. The road is long and hard with many twists and turns. Anyone that wants to carve out a career path in music is always welcomed to ask us questions about our experience.

One thing we've always done thoughout our journey has been to share our knowledge and experience with those that show a thirst for learning and doing.

We have given talks at seminars about the benefits of knowing the business of music and have given away and sold self published books on the same subject.

To say that we love both music and business is an understatement.

We always thought one of the best ways to combine our passion for music, business and teaching was to start and run a radio station.

The combination of keeping a radio station running, plus helping people get into the music industry via radio ticked a lot of boxes.

We felt the same when we first started Itch FM and we feel the same now. 

However, to achieve this takes money. But, not the kind of money you need to re-mortgage your house or anything like that.

We've looked at different options when it came to raising funds to buy studio equipment to start the station up again. Bank loans or angel investment didn't feel like the best option. 

Because Itch FM is set out to be a community radio station, catering specifically to the hip hop community, we decided that going the crowd-funding route is the best option to not only get the word out, but to also involve the community.

As a contributor, this is the perfect opportunity for a hip hop fan to hear and discover new hip hop music, be a part of history by helping bring this station back to life and more importantly, to be inspired.

The doors are not shut if you're not such a great fan of hip hop or even music. If you see something here that sparks something within you, then feel free to contribute.

With your contribution, you will not only help us to buy the much needed studio equipment such as; a good pair of turntables, a mixing board, microphones & microphones stands, a CDJ, computers and other electronic equipment, the effects of helping get Itch FM back up and running, which we believe, will contribute greatly to the growing sub genre of the UK hip hop scene.

What We Need The Money For

We are looking to raise £5,000 to buy the studio equipment that would allow us to stream live.

We’re not looking to kit out the space completely and turn it into a fully blown radio studio at this stage. We just need to get the basics to allow us to get up and running for our July, 2013 launch date.

As mentioned above, the main pieces of equipment we will need to obtain are as follows:

  • 2 x 1210 Technics turntables
  • 1 turntable mixer
  • 1 mixing board
  • 1 amp
  • 1 compressor
  • 2 x computers
  • 3 x studio quality microphones 
  • 3 x mic stands
  • 1 CDJ
  • 1 Serato
  • Cables/wires
  • Speaker (monitors)

What You Get In Return

To be able to raise the required funds, we’ve got some cool and unique perks that should get you reaching for your wallets quick fast!

Perks such as getting credited for your contribution to this cause, which will be featured at the end of our self-produced documentary, the no holds barred Itch FM story about the rise, the fall and the return of Itch FM. 

This documentary will tell the story behind the first and only dedicated radio station to broadcast hip hop 24/7 in London.

It will feature DJs from the past who have seen it all first hand from the inside. Plus all the crazy stories about trying to remain on air, the highs and the lows… The whole shebang!

It will feature industry heads and artists that will outline how Itch FM had an impact on the UK hip hop scene at a time when it was truly getting ignored by the rest of the music industry.

It will also feature the current team and the new DJs that have pledged to bring back the glory days, and beyond!

This is the documentary that we are aiming to pitch to the TV networks and you'll get your name in lights as being one of those who contributed in a massive way to Itch FM’s return.

Another perk is to get a limited edition Itch FM t-shirt, which nobody has yet, or will have... Ever!

Getting these tee’s is a symbol that states you are one of the special individuals that helped to get Itch FM up and running. Your freinds will envy you.

And, lastly, if you contribute at the highest tier, you'll get all of the above, plus get invited to Itch FM HQ, were you'll be treated like a VIP, and get your chance to sit in and get to host a radio show (if you want)!

At every perk level, all contributors are automatically added to our special VIP Club. Members get all kinds of cool stuff like getting special VIP invites to all our events, networking opportunities with other members, access to a private membership area and more. 

Because you made a financial contribution, you'll basically be treated like royalty!

If we don't meet our goal, we will have to turn to buskin (with our lack of music skills) on the streets of London, until we have enough to buy a length of string and some plastic cups to try to broadcast in another way.

Otherwise we’ll get the bare minimum of just the turntables, one microphone, a CDJ and a computer to get the DJs we have onboard started.

What This Will Do For The Community

Although the space we’ve agreed to broadcast from is cool, hip and trendy, it is also set in an up and coming media hub area, where getting advice and training for other aspects of the entertainment industry is just a stones throw away.

With your contribution, you will help give purpose and meaning to today's youth by providing a safe environment for them to learn some cool broadcasting skills and carve out a career path within the music industry.

And lets not forget, you will listen to some dope hip hop that you don’t get on mainstream radio.

Other Ways You Can Help

We realize times are tight, and although we feel that if you love music and hip hop you’ll be nuts not to contribute to this cause, we don’t expect everyone that visits this page to be able to contribute in a financial way, even at the lowest tier.

The good news is that you can still help out by way of spreading the word and sharing this page with you friends and followers. 

You can do this by using the social media sharing tools on this page. We’ll forever love you for it!

With that said, we'd like to thank you for visiting this campaign page. :)

Trevor and Eza.

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    The "We Love You" Perk

    If you donate £10, we'll love you forever! Seriously. And you'll be part of the Itch FM VIP Club.

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  • £25GBP
    Itch FM Documentary Credit

    We're in the process of putting together a no holds barred inside story of Itch FM, with all the details of how it got started, all the drama, the fall and the return. You'll get credited at the end of the documentary as one of the special one's that help Itch rise again. You'll also be part of the Itch FM VIP Club.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • £55GBP
    Limited Edition T-Shirt

    These tee's are super special. Nobody but you will get this. Your friends will envy you. This is only for those who donate at this tier level. You'll also get the credit at the end of the Itch FM documentary and be included in the VIP club.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • £150GBP
    Come to the Itch FM HQ

    Not many people get invited to Itch FM. But, if you contribute at this level, you'll be treated like royalty for one whole day! You'll get to hang out and see how we do things at Itch FM, you'll meet the team who contribute their time to Itch FM, we'll feed you the best organic food until you heart is content, plus you'll get to sit in and host a radio show (if you want). And of course, you'll get the t-shirt, the documentary credit, and become a member of the Itch FM VIP Club.

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