Help Health eVillages Bring Mobile Technology To Africa & Haiti To Save Lives!

Health eVillages provides up-to-date medical information to clinicians via mobile apps & devices in the developing world in order to help save lives.
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Who We Are

Health eVillages, a program of Physicians Interactive and the not-for-profit Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, provides state-of-the-art mobile health technology including medical reference and clinical decision support resources to medical professionals in the most challenging clinical environments around the world.

Our Mission

Enabling safe and efficient medical care in the most challenging clinical environments, anywhere in the world, by providing the latest in mobile healthcare technology.

This Campaign

Upon visiting our pilot sites in East Africa and Haiti, we've had the extraordinary experience of seeing first hand the impact that access to this technology and clinical content has afforded our partners. In asking what more we could do to benefit our providers, the answer was unanimous: MORE DEVICES! 

With some of these clinicians and nurses seeing upwards of 50 patients per day, it would not only be far more optimal and efficient for each to have access to his or her own device, but could very well aid in a life-saving decision.

Simply put - our goal is to raise the appropriate funds to deploy 50 more mobile devices to these sites and we need YOUR help!

What We Need & What You Get

In order to purchase the 50 devices required, pre-load them with our Health eVillages application and ship them to the necessary locations, we are going to need to raise $25,000 (approximately $500/per device.)

In appreciation of your generous (tax-deductible!) donation, we will also be providing you with some of the following great perks!

  • Continue to show your support by wearing some of our Health eVillages swag!
  • Make a lasting impression by having your name engraved on one of our deployed mobile devices!
  • Skype directly with some of the heroes that you are helping to make a difference!
  • A visit to the RFK Center in Florence, Italy!

The Impact

In Lwala, Kenya, the hospital delivery survival rate of infants and their mothers almost doubled in the two years after the incorporation of Health eVillages mobile devices. In fact, a nurse in Lwala reported saving a baby’s life using a neonatal resuscitation technique he learned from a Health eVillages mobile device.

Apple recently recognized the impact of Health eVillages in 2013 by featuring our application (then called "Skyscape") as one of four apps making a difference.

Through these devices and partnerships with organizations across the world, Health eVillages is also helping to train providers and advance their development as healthcare professionals. Health eVillages is currently partnered with AIC Hospital—a nonprofit teaching hospital in Kijabe, Kenya—to provide supplemental educational materials to their staff and students. In 2013, Health eVillages devices provided 120 students with cutting-edge healthcare education in a hospital that has only intermittent internet services and just a few 50-year-old textbooks. In addition to their uses in the classroom, AIC staff members use these mobile devices in the operating room to teach and to research new treatment methods. Recently, the head of anesthesiology nursing at AIC reported using a mobile device to identify a new I.V. insertion site in an infant whose veins had collapsed. Thanks to this quick information they performed a life-saving spinal surgery on the child.

In Haiti, Health eVillages has partnered with Regis College (of Boston) on two projects – one, with a group of nurse educators from the 5 national nursing schools in Haiti who come to Regis each year to take courses and train; and the second with Regis and Partners in Health to bring a nurse educator to St. Therese’s Hospital in Hinche, Haiti, and to train the nursing staff to incorporate mHealth technology into their patient workflow. 

The Health eVillages software plays a significant role at St. Therese’s Hospital in Hinche, with the nurse educator utilizing the resources and videos to provide both one-on-one and group trainings for the 70 nurses within the hospital.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Do you have an old mobile device (iPod, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc.) that's just gathering dust? Consider donating it so that we can get it into the hands of one of our providers! It will help make a difference!
  • Are you active on Social Media? Every Facebook Share or Twitter Retweet helps create visibility for our campaign and brings more people into our network! Please help us spread the word by sharing & using: #AppsSaveLives

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    You'll be able to continue to show your amazing support by wearing our Health eVillages Bracelet! (+ all previous perks)

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    You'll receive an audio voice email from one of our healthcare providers personally thanking you for your contribution! (+ all previous perks)

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    Name on Device

    Your name will be inscribed on one of the deployed devices, forever reminding the user of your generous contribution! (+ all previous perks)

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    Skype w/a Hero

    You'll have the opportunity to have a 15-minute chat via Skype with one of our amazing healthcare providers! (+ all previous perks)

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    Two Day Retreat

    For your generous contribution, our Chairman would like to treat you to a two day stay at the Inn on Shore Road in Ogunquit, ME with dinner for two at the lavish Five-O Restaurant and two tickets to a show at the Ogunquit Playhouse. (Must be booked from May 15th – June 25th or Sept 8th – October 15th. Travel to Ogunquit not included.)

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  • $25,000USD
    RFK Center Trip

    You've put us at our goal! For this, we would be honored to arrange and coordinate a 3 day trip for you to visit the RFK Center in Florence, Italy!

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