Help get Integ3r nominated for a Peabody Award

Integ3r (Morgan Jones) tirelessly reported the Aurora shootings. On rkielbasa's suggestion, I wish to help him get the recognition he deserves.


Morgan Jones, known as Integ3r on Reddit has tirelessly reported any and all developments in the Aurora shootings on social media site Reddit.com, providing an unbiased and all encompassing source of current information for news outlets and ordinary citizens alike.

His work in reporting the incident has been instrumental in informing the public and various news organisations about ongoing developments.

He should be recognized for this. The Peabody award is designed to reward 'outstanding achievement in electronic media', with a further category of 'News'. It was suggested by rkielbasa to raise the money to nominate him for this award, so I decided to start this campaign to get him what he needs.

The campaign is flex funded, to Integ3r will recieve whatever donations are made, regardless of the target being reached. Also, Integ3r is now an admin of the campaign, and will be directing the final funds to somebody who can nominate him.

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