Help fund AICon's move!

AICon 2014 is moving to a bigger venue! We need your help to secure our future.

AICon (short for Anime Island Convention – as in, an Anime Convention on the Island of Tasmania) is a not-for-profit Japanese & popular culture event that has been run by students since 2005. For the convention’s first outing, it pulled in a whopping 300 attendees, but by 2013, this number had skyrocketed to 1559. Amongst these wonderful people are aspiring models and costume designers who enter the Cosplay and FRUiTs competitions, competitive video game players who take their Street Fighter and Smash Bros tournaments very seriously, tabletop game enthusiasts, professional photographers, talented young artists, and all-around cool people who are eager to meet like-minded individuals with their specific tastes.

For most of the con’s existence, it has been held at the University of Tasmania, but after cramming 1559 eager, hyperactive pop culture enthusiasts into a confined space at UTAS, it's time to move to a bigger venue. As a result, we're going to Wrest Point Conference Centre. This new venue has two main theatres with 1000 and 600 seating capacity, as well as an expanded trading area, panels room and plenty of space!
(No more playing sardines in the trading area, YAY!)
However, a bigger venue comes with bigger costs, and whilst we can almost meet them, we don’t want to send the convention bankrupt. Which is why we have turned to Indiegogo and created this crowd sourcing campaign. The money raised from this campaign will help with venue hire, equipment costs as well as advertisement and promotion of the convention both in Tasmania and through out Australia. Also if we surpass our goal, in 2015 we can upgrade our Games Room and get a Celebrity guest.

Well, two reasons.

FIRST OF ALL you’ll ensure the future of AICon at Wrest Point Conference Centre. A bigger venue means we can plan to have bigger things happen at AICon in the future, such as special guests. This benefits you far more than us, since it means you get a much bigger convention with even more stuff to buy, events to see, and competitions to enter.

SECOND OF ALL, to sweeten the deal, we’ve pooled our creative resources to get you some awesome swag in exchange for your donations, ranging from simple stuff like digital art and badges to more awesome stuff like entry to the after party and accommodation at the venue, to the truly mind-blowing power of choosing the theme for next year’s con for the bidder with the fattest wallet.

SO GET AMONGST IT! If we all work together, we can kick this goal out of the ballpark and have our best year ever at Wrest Point Conference Centre in 2014.

***All commissioned art will be PG rated.

Team on This Campaign: