Help Free Time bring three new products to market!!

We need to raise some funds to bring three new products to market! Sales will keep Free Time going for another year or more.



Hello, Free Time Industries is a multidisciplinary experimental design studio dedicated to creating responsible and innovative products through a collaborative process. We banded together in November 2009 to fulfill our mutual passion for design exploration in our free time.


We do not pay ourselves. All revenue goes directly towards funding our studio and concept development. Working in this manner allows projects to be purely passion driven.




To keep this collaborative studio going however, we need to raise funds! Last year we took a product called Chain Gang to New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) with Join. Sales from the fair kept us going for almost an entire year, but now we need to develop products for this year's fair.


With your help, we can raise the funds to bring three new products to NYIGF and keep us going for another year.





Depending on level of contribution, you are essentially pre-ordering the products we want to bring to Gift Fair (except for the laser nature earrings... those have been out for a while ;)):


2012 Naturalist Almanac

Due to the particularities of time, we humans are in a constant diluge of change. The earth spins past the stars above, cultural events punctuate history, seasons renew, and living organisms go through their individual rhythms. But we have a choice: to let time overtake and inhibit us, or be prepared and become empowered by it.  

This is why Free Time Industries (with the help of our amazing intern Riley Hoonan) has created the 2012 Naturalist Almanac - it is a tool to the essential and the natural. It tells you where you are, what is to come, and how to prepare for it, all in twenty-six-by-twenty-six inches. 

Starting at the center, the almanac tells you how to find the North Star, length of daylight, solstices, seasons, daylight savings, important days, living via the astrological signs, and keep track of moon and menstrual cycles. The almanac also gives seasonal information on topics such as hunting, fishing, foraging, building, health, gardening, raising ducks, weaving, raising bees, starting fires, and natural cleaning methods. The almanac is meant to be rotated at each season, creating a new ritual for the passing of time. We have gone through an intense research and design process to bring all this information together in a meaningful way.




Emergency Button: Losing a button used to be pretty annoying, but no longer. Just screw on your matte gold plated Emergency Button, and continue with your day. Replace your frustration with a little bit of bling!


Each button comes with a wood tray for safekeeping.

Button_render FTI_ButtonSTuff-7708

Tool Holster: Empowering your trade. For all foragers, hunters, collectors, painters, crafters, tinkerers, carpenters, metal smiths, tiny dancers, gardeners, survivalists, mechanics, printmakers, sewers, knitters, drafters, fabricators, photographers, and party–planners who like to be prepared and have their hands free.

Inspired by traditional utility wear, the tool holster is for people who like, do and make things. Made from re–purposed leather, canvas, and metal fittingsholster holster1

Laser Nature Earrings: Abandoning convention, we have set off to build our own myths. Each piece of the 2010 laser nature collection tells a story through imagery from Native American culture, folklore, and black magic. Each set of earrings are hand crafted from walnut and sterling silver. 



The amount we are trying to raise is the minimum to get booth space at the fair, man the booth, and produce a run of 2012 Almanacs, Emergency Buttons with cases, and Tool Holsters. All manufacturing is being done locally in Seattle.


Production cost of 2012 Almanacs: $2,300

Production cost of Emergency Buttons: $3,500

Production cost of Tool Holster: $2,000

NYIGF Booth Fees: $700

Travel Expenses: $500


TOTAL: $8,000




If you like what we are doing, please spread the word. Become friends with us on Facebook, email this link to your friends, and talk about us at cocktail parties!

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