Help FetishVIL come to life.

FetishVIL is a stop-motion animated series. An irreverent comedy series... like Robot Chicken with sex.

The Story of FetishVIL

FetishVIL is a satirical animated comedy series made for adults that unfolds like an episodic TV series... but the story is told using puppet animation. FetishVIL will be funny, surprisingly sexy and strangely moving. The characters will come to life using the voice talents of comedians and some of the hottest girls on Twitter. Each episode will be just a few minutes in length, with the entire first season's story lasting around 30 minutes.

Think of it as Robot Chicken with sex. 

The story takes place at a lavish dungeon known only as FetishVILCelebrities, rock stars and world leaders travel to this hidden dungeon to have their desires fulfilled with the guarantee of the utmost discretion. When a gorgeous new girl enters the picture, she must work hard to gain the trust and respect of her peers. Her journey is where FetishVIL begins...

The Production

Dollars raised from this campaign will go directly toward the production and fulfillment of all the perks. 

- Creation of original dolls, sets and props.

- Production of the puppet animation.

- Original music and celebrity voices (soon to be announced).

- Creation of a DVD, a book and character figures which will be given away as perks. (This exclusive DVD will be the only way to see the uncut version of FetishVIL.)

If the funding goal is exceeded beyond the cost of fulfilling the perks, then that revenue will go toward production of a second season of FetishVIL

On a Personal Note…

While many of you know me from my books, Film Threat or TV career, I have made films (My Big Fat Independent Movie) and produced television (see my IMDB) before. But my dream has always been to create an animated show like FetishVIL.

As a young filmmaker, I made hours of animated shorts, so this world is not new to me. What I’m attempting to do is expensive because the quality of the animation should be worthy of airing on networks like Comedy Central, FX or Adult Swim.

Having gone through the disappointing TV pitching process before, I realize the only way to get a show this radical made is by presenting it to an audience who could appreciate it first (unlike a network executive.) I also know this is not exactly a show for kids, there will be explicit scenes… but it’s dolls! And if my market research proves correct, almost 100% of kids who played with dolls or action figures, at some point took their clothes off and made them “do things.” So, it is in this spirit that I embark on bringing FetishVIL to life.

I hope you decide to help out. And I appreciate each and every contribution. Thank you. 

Your Support

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