Help Druid City Brewing Company make more beer

Help a local Tuscaloosa start up brewery increase production and be able to serve the whole city.

Tuscaloosa loves beer right?

We want to give people a local option that is made right here in the throbbing heart of west Alabama.

Druid City Brewing is being started by two long time Tuscaloosans Bo Hicks and Elliott Roberts. We've spent a combined nearly three decades studying beer - a thorough and complete regimen of exhaustive tasting. A few years back, this rigorous study turned to crafting our own beer. We found that we loved the whole process and began working together to produce something that our friends and family could enjoy. Tailgates, dinner parties, beer tastings... more hard work.

Based on the encouragement of those who came out and tried the beer – hard work in and of itself – we decided to start Druid City Brewing Company. Tuscaloosa is our favorite place to be, and aside from bringing back Milo's, a brewery is about the only thing that the city lacks.

Based on the commitments and inquiries we've received from bars and distributors, our biggest worry is to not being able to craft enough beer for Tuscaloosa. We're not worried about our time and work – we know we've got long hours in the brewery ahead of us. The thing we need most next is more room for fermentation.

That's where you come in. We've budgeted to buy 14 barrels of fermentation space on our own. Seven more barrels of space means more delicious cold beer in more bars and restaurants in Tuscaloosa. And you can tell your friends you helped make it happen – and have the swag to prove it!

What We Need & What You Get

  • 100% of money raised here will go to buy a 7 barrel fermentation vessel

This campaign helps get us bolting out of the gate - but do not worry there's also something in it for you. We can't exactly match what you pledge but we've come up with some great ideas of perks that will remind you of how grateful we are.

The Impact

As long time Tuscaloosans, we believe in the importance of supporting local business. We like our veggies from Snows Bend, our BBQ from Archibald's, our movies at the Bama and our favorite teams to wear crimson. We're a a part of the community and are hoping to partner with Kentuck, Black Warrior River Keeper and many other local charities and groups doing good in our area. We hope to be a piece of the city that you will be proud to call your own.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some folks just can’t contribute – we get it - but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Please share with others. We know we can reach our goal if we can get the word out.


Bo and Elliott

Team on This Campaign: