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Little Dilla Adilla is waiting for a miracle. Without help getting to the UK for an operation, this beautiful soul may soon be lost to this world.
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It is with great pain that I have to say this, but yesterday at 11:57 AM central standard time, precious Dilla was set free from her prison here in this world. 

There were many great things that happened and many many wonderful people came together to try and save Dilla. Unfortunately, in the end, we were just too late.

We will be updating the facebook page with more detailed information about the events that occured yesterday. We should also be getting a few more photos. Please stop by and visit what will now become a memorial page for Dilla Anargia Adilla.

All of the money collected will be donated in some way to the memory of Dilla. We also plan to give the majority of the donation funds to Dilla's parents.

It hurts so bad to know we came so close to saving her, but I know now that she is no longer in pain and that there were so many people, complete strangers, who loved and cared about her.

Thanks you all so much and God bless.

Brian Steele


Help Spread the word and find updates!!

Dilla's Facebook Page:

My name is Brian. In the major scheme of things I'm really not all that important.  I felt moved by the story of a little girl in need of major help. I figured the least I could do was set this up.

I'm pretty horrible with words, but this little gir'ls plight absolutely crushed my soul. I've seen the story a few times and haven't found a link yet that will let people actually help her. I'm hoping that the people of this community will help send this little girl to get treatment.  

Like I said, I'm not good with words, so I've pasted some of the story as published by The Sun website. I've also added a link at the bottom.

Little Dilla Anargia Adilla, three, was born with Hydrocephalus - a rare condition that causes her body to produce too much spinal fluid.

This excess fluid collects in the skull causing her head to grow at an alarming rate and from ear to ear her head now measures a whopping 100cm.

The debilitating condition has left the brave tot unable to walk or talk and she spends her days being cared for by her dad Azwar Anas, 31, mum Puspita, 28 and sister Fazira, seven, at their home in Bogor, Indonesia.

The condition affects 1 in 500 babies and is treatable in the UK through a standard two-hour procedure, where a neurosurgeon inserts a thin tube called a shunt to drain the fluid.

But Dilla’s family have been unable to afford any treatment and doctors in Indonesia are now reluctant to carry out the operation due to the severity of Dilla’s condition.

Her parents are now praying for a miracle as they both unable to afford the treatment or find a doctor willing to help.

Let's be that miracle!!!

I'm not really sure how much the operation or even getting Dilla to the UK will cost. I set the goal at $5000 just to have a goal.

The only perk I can offer is the knowledge that your contribution (100% minus any indiegogo  fees and/or taxes) will go to helping this little girl.

This will be a flexible plan, meaning that regardless of what amount is funded, it will all go to help Dilla.

The impact...I'd say that one is a little subjective. There will be very little impact on you or I, other than maybe good Karma, but for Dilla and her family...It will have a monumental, life altering impact.

Just for full discloser, I have zero successes as far as fund raising goes. I've never been moved enough to try. To be honest I'm not even sure I'm doing this one right, but I figure it can't hurt.

Story found:

Photo by: Caters News Agency

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