Help Dan Ryckert repurchase his stolen goods

Dan Ryckert's stuff was stolen only two months into San Francisco. Let's help the guy out.
Chase Cook
San Francisco, California
United States
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Dan donated the money and has provided proof of his donations. 

Child's Play

The Wounded Warriors

A big thank you to everyone!


Good news everybody! Dan's insurance went through and covered his stolen goods.

That means the caveat regarding Dan's insurance kicks in: If this campaign is successful, all of the money will go to charity.

Dan emailed me to let me know he wants to split the money between Child's Play and Wounded Warrior Project. These are both great charities and I commend Dan on selecting them. He has agreed to provide proof that he will donate the money to these charities once the campaign clears the hurdle. As Dan is a public figure in the gaming community, I'll take him at his word.

Now the responsibility falls to us. We can push this campaign through the next few hundred dollars and do something awesome for charity, or we can let the campaign flounder and everyone's money will be returned.

For those of you that donated and wanted the money to just go to Dan, please feel free to cancel your pledge. I don't want anyone to feel like their donation went to a non-desired location. 

But come on, it is for charity.

It is up to you. Thanks for being so awesome up to this point.


Giant Bomb senior editor Dan Ryckert was robbed on August 27 and that sucks. I don't know if he has renter's insurance, but I do know that the Giant Bomb community is awesome and spends money to send fun food and gifts to the guys.

So let's do something even better: Let's help Dan Ryckert re-purchase his stolen goods. It only takes $5 to $10 bucks from all of us to help the man get back on his gaming feet. If you want to help, donate whatever you can.

To be clear, this was my idea and I approached Dan to see if he would go along so that it would be more trustworthy. Dan did not request this.

The $2,700 goal was decided by calculating these values:

Xbox One: $500

PS4: $400

Wii U: $300

Laptop: $800

iPhone: $500

PS Vita: $200

Any money that is raised over the $2,700 value will be donated to Child's Play, the charity of Ryckert's choosing.


Kickstarters and Indiegogo projects are hard to trust. People have been burned before. 

To help people feel more comfortable about the project the money will go directly to Ryckert. I have emailed with him and worked out the details so he gets the money. The money never comes to me.

I would ask of him to provide photographic evidence of sending the money to his proposed charity, Child's Play.

If Ryckert's goods are returned to him before the project is over, I will cancel this campaign and nobody will be charged. All-or-nothing campaigns return funding in 3 to 5 business days after the project is canceled or it doesn't meet its goal.

If Ryckert requests that the campaign stop, I will do so.

If Ryckert informs me that renter's insurance is covering the theft and the project is funded, all of the money will be donated to Child's Play.

There are no perks and no other BS. This is just about helping out an awesome guy who got screwed. 

What do you say, Internet?

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