Dory, a 9 year old pit was shot 3 times in the mouth by a neighbor simply because his wife does not like pitbulls. Police wont help and vet bills are adding up!
Candi Mesh
Gulfport, Mississippi
United States
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Stop donating please. I set up this account on my own to help Christina because I felt she should not have to pay the vet bill. Because of the constant harassment, threats and accusations of fraud we are going to stop the donations (I am trying to figure out how) and donate it to the aspca per Christinas request. Its sad the attacks of a few who refuse to accept the facts of this case even when provided continue to smear Christina and Dorys name. Thank you all for caring <3

Dory was shot in the moth with a 380 containing hollow point bullets.
Dory's only crime... Being a pit bull.
Our neighbor walked into my yard... Called my dog to over to them and put his gun in her mouth and fired 3 time.
Our teenage teenager was at home at witnessed this terrible act. When he ran out to confront said neighbor and to see what had happened the neighbors only response was "what did you see". The man was very drunk and made it obvious that he was angry and into wanting to fight.
When the police arrived they questioned the neighbor who stated that his reason for his horrible act was because Dory is a pit bull and made is wife scared.
Now, Dory is a 9 yr old dog who is registered as a K9 good citizen as well as being a certified as a therapy dog and visits with senior citizens and wounded veterans while in the hospital. This means that she has been tested and has proven herself to be controllable and adjust easy to all situations.
When taken to the vet dory was found to have her jaw broken in two places, several teeth missing, 7 broken in half including to canines in addition to having powder burns down her throat and in her mouth.
The vet is set to testify that the only way this dog could have received these burns in her mouth and throat is to have the gun inserted into her mouth and the trigger pulled.
The vet remove two pieces of Dory's jaw, 7 teeth, wired additional pieces of her jaw bone and portions of her gums and roof of her mouth that were torn and damaged to much to heal. There are attached pictures of the bullets that have been removed there is twice that much there still.
The reason I am asking for your help here is the officer who came out said he was not even going to file a report. He said this is a civil matter, not criminal. I have contacted my friend at the ASPCA of Mississippi and have an investigator looking into animal cruelty charges. I have also contacted the local news who stated IF I CAN GET ENOUGH People involved in Dory's story they would cover the story. This is why I am asking u to share.
Please if you have a dog who is part of your family share this. She is my friend and like your pet a member of our family. Please help bring this man to justice or at least plaster is horrible act all over for the world to see, he needs to be ashamed of his act.
Attached are pictures of our sweet girl also the bullets that were removed from her face.

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