Help Cecil Williams keep his seeing eye dog Orlando

Cecil is not going to be able to afford keeping Orlando come January due to his insurance. Please help Cecil keep his best friend, who also saved his life!


MEDIA:  Please call my office and have them connect you to my cell www.IndianaAdoption.com

Cecil & Orlando's Story

Cecil is a 61-year-old blind man and Orlando is his guide dog.  On December 17th Cecil and Orlando were waiting for the subway to arrive when Cecil felt faint and fell onto the tracks.  Orlando tried to act quickly and keep Cecil on the subway platform.  Cecil fell onto the tracks. Orlando jumped down onto the tracks, like any faithful dog would, to go to his owner's aid.  Cecil clutched a scared Orlando as the train rolled over them. They were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.  Come January Cecil's insurance will no longer cover the cost to care for Orlando. Since Cecil is unable to afford caring for Orlando Cecil will have to find a new home for him.  Please help these two stay together by donating to this cause!  You can also see their story on December 17th episode of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams close to the very end of the show.

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