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  • $10USD
    A Thank-You Note

    I will send you an awesome ecard, and will truly be grateful for your contribution toward my education.

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  • $25USD
    Thank-You and Updates

    Want to know what amazing, horrible, and in-between things are happening at law school? I'll email you monthly updates during my first semester. I will mail you a handwritten thank-you note, and will love you forever. If you prefer an ecard, that can be arranged.

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  • $50USD
    Personal Pandora

    Remember when people used to make each other mixed CDs? Send me a list of three bands you like and three you hate, and I'll send you a CD that is guaranteed to at least play music that hopefully and potentially you'll like, but might at the very least amuse or horrify you. It's good to experience emotions, though, right people? You will also receive a hand-written thank you, and updates.

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  • $85USD
    Children's book

    I'll pen and illustrate a kid's "book" for you. Can you draw? Do you even know what kids like? What if I don't have children? My drawings will be really bad--your child's would actually be better. I work with kids age 4-14, so kinda. And kid's books are still fun for adults to read. The "book" will be stapled together. Previous *publications include Paps, a tale about a time traveling Mesopotamian duck. *Published means the story was told to at least two other people besides the writer.

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  • $150USD
    Personal M&M Sorter

    I like the blue M&Ms way more than the rest. Given the chance, I would buy a presorted bag. Unfortunately, this option only exists around major U.S. holidays. But fear not, I will handpick (with gloves) your favorite color of M&Ms. These can be displayed on your desk, and when your coworkers marvel at your tenacity and OCD, you can impress them even more by telling them you outsourced the task.

    Estimated delivery: November 2012

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  • $250USD
    Will Work For School

    I will do an hour of remote work for you. As long as it is legal and not skeazy-- final determination of compliance with these requirements belongs to me-- I'll help you out. Need someone to answer your emails? Make you work out? Research for you? Tutoring? Test prep? I'm your gal.

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  • $350USD
    Pay it Forward

    I'll recognize your generosity by volunteering somewhere (your choice) on your behalf, take pictures of the volunteering to email you, and try to get someone at the charity to write you a thank-you note. I will also send you a thank you, and be seriously grateful to you for eternity.

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