Help Butter Stay Home!

Butter, our friendly, well trained, tail wiggler of a family dog is being forced out of his home because of his breed! Please help him stay home!
Khrystynna Solano
Bronx, New York
United States
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Hey guys this is Butter. Butter is my one year old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is part of my family. He’s loved by everyone in my family, my friends, the tenants in my building, children and even the small dogs in the neighborhood. I’d do anything for my dog. I love him so much and it pains me to write this.

About a week or two ago, another Pit Bull in the neighborhood injured another dog. My dog wasn’t even around, he was probably home sleeping. But then yesterday, I received a notice from my landlord that he was considered “dangerous” and had 10 days to go or we would have to go. Now, I live in New York City and there is no law banning Pit Bulls unless you live in government housing and I don’t. I don’t understand how he is considered dangerous. He was adopted by the ASPCA, he’s taken behavioral classes, he exhibits bite inhibition and he is just all around a butt wiggler. I can stick my hand in his mouth just fine, he never snarls, growls or acts anyway vicious to anyone or anything, the only time he barks is when the doorbell rings and I went to my neighbors and they say he isn’t disruptive at all.

He’s been here for eight months, the super and the workers are well aware of him and he’s already protected under the Pet Law of this city since nobody was notified that he was around in less than 3 months and he was openly around. I never hid him, I walk him a few times daily and the building tenants as well as the super also pet him and say he’s wonderful. The super has even called him “harmless.”

I'm currently trying to raise money to help get an animal friendly defense attorney on my side to help me tell the judge that Butter isn't dangerous! This dog means a lot to me and my sister.

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