Help bring the Providence Youth Slam Poetry Team to BRAVE NEW VOICES in Chicago!

Our dedicated young poets earned a spot to represent Providence, RI, at the international youth poetry slam in Chicago. But they need YOUR help to get there!
Sydney Peak
Providence, Rhode Island
United States
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Short Summary

The Providence Youth Poetry Slam needs your help to send five young poets to the Brave New Voices national youth poetry slam this summer in Chicago! Since last fall, we have been writing together, performing at open mics, and competing in slams to win our spots on the team. Now that summer is here, we are rehearsing three times a week, editing our poems, and memorizing them to get ready for the national stage. We are so excited to represent Providence in Chicago, but we need to raise the money to get ourselves there!

Attending Brave New Voices is about more than competion. Though it will be exciting to go head-to-head with other young poets and showcase the writing we are so proud of, BNV is also an amazing opportunity to be exposed to all kinds of poets and new ways of expressing ourselves. We will come home even more excited about this art form and its possibilities. Learn more about BNV here:

The main expenses for our trip are registration and transportation. Registration covers most of our food and lodging, and then we need to buy plane tickets for the five poets and two coaches. Your contribution to the campaign will go directly to these expenses, and will open the way for us to reach the goal we've worked towards all year.


What We Need & What You Get

Our goal for fundraising is $4,000 in two weeks. Registration cost $1,2500 (which our coaches paid for out of pocket, in hopes of making it back. They are unpaid! And broke!) There's also a NEW $400 fee this year to bring a second coach. As of now, flights to Chicago will cost us roughly $2,000 for 5 poets and 2 coaches. But the cost of flights are going up, so we want to buy the tickets soon! We also are budgeting in $200 for transportation within Chicago. Any additional funds we raise will go to feeding us while we're there and then to the Providence Youth Slam Team bank account, so that next year we won't be starting from zero again.

We hope that the chance to help send five aspiring young poets to a national poetry event is a reward in itself, but beyond our unending gratitude, there are some other perks for all you generous folks out there supporting youth poetry (see right!)


The Impact

Spoken word poetry is one of many branches of the ancient oral tradition. Young people who are empowered to speak their own truths also learn to listen to what other people are saying, and how. At the Provdience Poetry Slam we are not about the competition; poetry slams are a game that trick us all into remembering the power of words. We are about the community that happens wherever beautiful things are being said out loud. With your help, we, the 2013 Providence Youth Poetry Slam team can bring our writing to a national audience, and come home ready to write some more.


Other Ways You Can Help

And of course, there are other ways to support our effort without money! Our fans (friends, fams) can help by spreading the word about our campaign to people they know. Use your facebooks and twitters and a cardboard sign painted in your bedroom window. Indiegogo even has “share” tools, to facilitate the passing along of this magical campaign.

Thank you SO much for your help. Without the audience, there would be no poetry slam. We are writing for you!

Please stay tuned for updates from our team! We're so excited to share our work with you.

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Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Our Undying Love

    Every little bit counts! Your $5 donation means the world to this team and we know we would be lost without your generosity. This is $1 per poet, the cost of fancy drink at Starbucks, maybe even what all the change in your wallet adds up to. When you donate $5, you make a difference for this team. In return, we share our undying gratitude and love with you.

    12 claimed
  • $20USD
    An Original Poem Postcard

    As a thank you for this generous donation, we will send you a post card with an original poem written by a team member printed on it. Take home a little piece of the art you are supporting!

    31 claimed
  • $50USD
    Prov Youth Swag Set

    This package includes a poem postcard, two buttons, and a screen printed patch. Carry your Providence BNV Team pride with you! Pin it on your backpack, hang it on the wall, glue it in your notebook. We promise, these unique creations will not disappoint.

    13 claimed
  • $100USD
    Providence Poetry Package

    Providence is a city that prides itself on strong writing. We want to share some of that legacy with you. This bundle includes: 1 Youth Slam 2013 Chapbook 1 Other Providence Poetry Slam Chapbook (Youth Slam 2011, Adult Slam 2012, or Brown U. Slam 2013 -- your choice!) 1 Youth Team 2011 CD

    4 claimed
  • $200USD
    Providence Poetry Package Plus

    This thank you package includes: 1. The perks of a $100 donation 2. An anthology by Rhode Island Poet Laureate Rick Benjamin ("Passing Love" (2010) or "Floating World" (due out this summer) -- your choice!) 3. AND a personalized video thank you from the team!

    1 claimed
  • $500USD
    All That and MORE

    As a thank you for your generous donation, please enjoy the Swag Set, Poetry Package Plus, a Prov National Poetry Slam T-shirt, AND a personalized DVD of the BNV team's poetry as they prepare for the stage in Chicago this August!

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