Help bring pierogies to San Francisco!

Stuffed is a Pierogi establishment offering spins on the classic recipe, as well as a variety of Midwestern beers, paying homage to where we both grew up.


We were looking to open a business of our own for over a year now. We wanted to be a place that not only we would enjoy owning and operating day to day, but also a place we would patron anyway. The idea of pierogies came about as a necessity to stand out in an extremely competitive market and offer something new to the Bay Area. It is also a concept we are extremely proud of and something we are so excited to see fully come to life. It is an extension of who we are, and we are ready to open it up to the public.


We have made it through the remodel, the maze of city permits and licenses, and just need that last push to make sure we have a successful launch into our future.


With the support of you, we will be able to make Stuffed exactly how we envisioned it in the beginning, a fun environment offering something completely new. We feel pierogies are a staple that is missing from San Francisco, and we plan on offering them in a fun and awesome environment. We are already so close, and its just a little while longer until we can bring this endeavor of ours into fruition.





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