Help Asher Deaver GET WELL SOON!

Helping Asher Deaver cover the costs of medical expenses. Asher has to have surgery to remove a tumor in his brain in late July.



This is from the friends and family of Asher Deaver.  Asher has just recently found out that he has a tumor on his brain and must have conscious surgery in order to remove it.  This is a very scary process and the medical expenses could be upwards 80,000, and that's WITH health insurance.  So that is where YOU come in.  Every penny counts.  Asher will have to be out of work for a couple months, ON TOP of the medical bills, so any help is good help. 

We love Asher so much, and we want to see that by the end of this fundraiser Asher and his family can go into the surgery worry-free of finances. It's a scary surgery for a man of only 22 to have to endure, so let's make this happen!


As you all know, Asher is an extremely talented songwriter, artist, and woodworker!  So if you can support, we know you will be happy to recieve some of his beautiful work.   And of course, with talent comes the company of many talented friends and family members! For the rewards section, some of Asher's friends and family have banded together to donate some of their talents!  We have everything. Art, music, baked goods, comics, and even furniture!

If you donate anything at all, you will be making a huge impact on not only Asher's life, but the ones who love and need him around.  We would not be able to thank you enough. 
How else to help

If you would like to donate any of your talents, please send an email here:  courtneymarieandrewsmusic@gmail.com
Spread the word!  The power of the internet is amazing. Help us make our wish come true; for Asher to get better, worry free.

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