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Help the IDF reserves as they protect their children and the Jewish people.
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Help an IDF reserve soldier!

The IDF has launched a massive ground operation to protect innocent Israeli men, women and children from the onslaught of rockets fired by the genocidal Hamas terrorist group. An elite unit has been called up consisting of brave and talented reserve soldiers who must leave their wives and little children to protect their families and countrymen from harm.

Donate to their well being before, during and after their mission, by giving towards essential items.

The donation is tax-deductible in the United States.*

*In order for this to be tax-deductible, you must acknowledge the following:

“I am making my gift to FIDF’s Wellbeing Program and recommend that the funds be granted to the ‘Sayeret Tzanchanim Association’ in Israel. However, FIDF has the unilateral right to override my recommendation and redirect the funds as it sees fit without approval from me, the ‘Sayeret Tzanchanim Association’ or any other interested party.”

About Unit 6646

Unit 6646 is an Israel Defense Force (IDF) elite unit composed of reserves fighters aged 25 to 42.The unit’s fighters are family men and students, lawyers, architects and high-tech engineers. During their reserves training, they take part in a number of special operations aiming at defending the Israeli villages and citizens along the Gaza strip border.

These operations integrate a high level of risk, which require very intense preparations. All the unit’s fighters are very highly motivated and strongly convinced that the goal, which requires them to leave their families and jobs for more than four days every year, is just, moral and noble. Bringing peace and quite to the Israeli citizens along the border, who are bombed on a daily basis by Palestinian terrorists, is the very reason for their training and operations.

Many of its graduates later became senior commanders in the army and political leaders.

    Other ways you can help

    Not everyone can contribute, but almost all supporters of the IDF are on social media, doing what they can to defend Israel intellectually and morally from a diabolical, evil enemy. Take a moment to post this campaign on your Facebook page so that we can raise the money we need in time. 


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    Special thanks!

    A special thanks to Ken of New York who donated $5,500 via check!
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      A deed

      You don't have much, but you have helped an IDF soldier, which is priceless.

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      A sigh of relief

      Know that you've done something very tangible to save someone's life.

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      A pat on the back

      You know you've made a difference.

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      Thank you via e-mail

      One of the soldiers will send you an e-mail (when things calm down of course) thanking you.

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      Thank you note from a soldier

      Receive a personal written thank you note from a soldier.

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      A special drawing

      Receive a special drawing from a child of one of the soldiers expressing gratitude for helping Daddy come back safely.

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      IDF memorabilia + thank you

      Receive an item from the field that a soldier can share with you, and a thank you note.

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      A meal with a commander

      Meet with the commander of the unit and learn all about his work.

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