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I am in need of a little financial assistance to help me continue my education at USF. I have only three semester's left to complete.
Shaniqua Barr
Tampa, Florida
United States
1 Team Member

    I am in need of help. I am currently searching for brief assistance with funds for college. I graduated from Saint Leo University in the Spring of 2011 with my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. As of now, I am enrolled at the University of South Florida. The problem that I am facing, is that I can not register for my classes this fall semester and any semester beyond this point. The reason, is because the University of South Florida does not have my final transcript from Saint Leo University. I currently owe Saint Leo University $2,500.00 and my transcript will not be release until the balance is paid in full. I can not afford to pay Saint Leo University $2,500.00. This is stopping me from furthering my education, receiving my Bachelor's Degree and Law Degree.
        To tell you a little about myself, I am a determined person. No matter what I am handling during the day, my future is my only concern and is my number one goal. I am 21 years old, since the age of three I always knew that when a grow up I want to be a defense Attorney. Any one who has ever known me always tell me that I will make a great Attorney one day because I talk to much, and I for one have never heard of a quite lawyer, also I am always ready to debate a subject matter. Anytime in school when they asked that number one question, "what do you want to be?" My answers were always the same and my projects were always detailed. I have never changed my mind about that, with each project my passion and desire has grown and with my drive and determination I will one day become that defense Attorney I have always dreamed of. Another reason for my drive is because I have always felt that no matter what I do in life my number one goal will always be to help people. What better way, then to help an innocent person keep their freedom. I have always felt, and still do, that our legal system is a little corrupted. As one person, I will do my best to change that. If you have ever looked at lady justice and paid her any attention, you would notice that she is blindfolded. This is because in order to truly accomplish real justice we must be blind to race, sex, and religion. Unfortunately, as humans we are not prefect and many of us use certain situation to our advantage. For example, many Attorney's use the same basis of race, sex, and religion during jury selection. Too many times in this system it's more about getting a conviction then maintaining justice. Too many lawyers get wrapped up into their own gain, like their conviction rate, rather than helping the people, who should be the main concern. So far, to begin on accomplishing my goals; I have graduated from Saint Leo University with my Associates Degree in liberal Arts. I am currently enrolled at the University of South Florida to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Science, but I can not register for this semester of classes until I can pay Saint Leo. I am a hard working student who tries my hardest and best at my work.
        I know that I am still young and learning, but one thing that I have learned is that at some point in life everyone needs some guidance and some assistance. I truly believe in God, and therefore, I believe that there is not one prefect person. Situations in life happen to build us as a person and to shape our character. No place in life is guaranteed and you never know when it may be your turn to need a little help or assistance. My mother has raised me to always treat people with respect and help whoever I can because you never know when it will be your turn. My situation right now has really been a test and trial for me, because the one thing I want so bad I feel like it's slipping away from me and it's only because I was not born into a rich family and do not have just $2,500 available to me. I am the type of person who enjoys constantly learning about new and different things and right now I am not able to do that. Not only that, but my education is being taken away from me and it's not by choice but because I don't have. If I were able to obtain any kind of financial assistance it will truly help my situation. It will allow me to continue my education and further my future. I have tried everything and all I need is for someone to believe in my education and help me in furthering it. Not being allowed to continue my education is a hindrance on me and my family. As well, it is stopping any plans that I ever had of a dream and a career in this economy. If you can not help me but know someone who can please inform them of my situation and forward my information. Any form of help, is help and greatly appreciated.

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This campaign ended on December 10, 2012
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    Any form of help, is help. I will send out personal thank you letters to every one who donate's to me continuing my education.

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