Help 1-2-3-4 Go! expand and preserve the live music venue!

Our overflowing store needs to expand to accommodate all the great records arriving daily and to preserve our all ages music venue!
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About us...

1-2-3-4 Go! is an independent Record Store, All Ages Venue and Label in Oakland California. We are largely focused on vinyl (although we do have tapes and CD's) and supporting access to independent music and art for everyone regardless of age. Despite the fact that we first opened our doors in 2008 to find America in the worst economic downturn since the depression, we were able to not only survive but expand three times since then with the support of our local and global community. We've gone from a tiny 120 sq ft store front to a space large enough to house our current store as well as one of the bay areas few all ages venues/gallery spaces. Since opening in our latest location we've hosted hundreds of bands and artists from around the world. Often playing host to bands who normally play much larger venues giving our supporters of every age a chance to see them in a more intimate setting.

What We Need & What You Get

The time has come for 1-2-3-4 Go! to expand again. We have completely tapped out our current store front with great music once again and we're starting to overflow. The store desperately needs more space for records and browsing room and we also want to give people more of what they've been looking for here; Turntables, Needles, an expanded book/zine section, etc. We have been racking our brains to try and figure out how to come up with this space in our existing store. Up until a few weeks ago the only option seemed to be to take up some of the show space. Something we really don't want to do because once you start chipping away at it, it won't be long before it's all gone.

Then a miracle of sorts happened. A few weeks ago we were told our next door neighbors would be leaving and we could take a section of their space for an expansion. The catch is that we need to take the space by February 1st or it would go to someone else. As a small business with employees to take care of and regular bills to pay we don't tend to have a lot of extra expansion capital on hand, especially on short notice. So we come to you, the good people who have supported us all these years and ask for you to join us in bringing the store to this next level and to continue to offer the great music and art we have been in our venue space.

In order to complete this expansion we need to do the following;

  • Knock out the adjoining wall.
  • Paint the interior and exterior to match our existing space
  • All new lighting that will stretch the length of both spaces.
  • Build additional custom fixtures; record bins, shelving etc.
  • Purchase new product; Records, books, supplies, turntables etc.
  • Purchase new Mic's, Cords and Stands for the venue.
  • Close the store for 7 to 14 days (oof!)

Our plan is to have our Grand Re-Opening on March 15th to coincide with our 6th anniversary. We will have a sale during the day and a private event from 7pm to 10pm with food, drinks and music for supporters who come in at the $50 and above level who RSVP.

Whenever we expand or renovate we only use local independent artists and craftsmen so the money you give us not only helps us but carries right on through to the rest of the community.

What do you get in all of this besides the satisfaction of helping us grow? Mighty good question! We'd never ask for anything without wanting to give you something back. We've got a variety of Perks for every support level.  Check out the list. There's something cool at every level!

The Impact

First and foremost by helping to fund this expansion you are preserving one of the very few all ages venues in the Bay Area. Without it we will have to take at least a third of the already tiny space to accommodate our daily business as a record store as it stands today. We love intimate obviously but as time goes on that space will need to get smaller and smaller until there's nothing left of it. It's the downside of being a successful record store. If the funding isn't in the cards our only other option to this increasingly serious problem will be to knock out the wall between our show space and start chipping away. Check out the list of bands that have played here since we opened up the venue to see what we've done so far and what could be lost.

Secondly you're helping us to continue to be successful supporters of independent music and vinyl lovers locally and around the world. Thanks to the years of support we've already received we've been able to change this store from 120sq foot closet of a store run by one guy in to an award winning record store and all ages venue with three employees! Every year is better than the last and every year we need more people so you're actually spurring job growth too! What a saint!

Bands who have played 1-2-3-4 Go!:

King Tuff, Audacity, Emily’s Army, Thou, The Body, Green Day, Alice Bag, Nobunny, Shannon & The Clams, RVIVR, Chain and the Gang, Hard Skin, Iceage, Airfix Kits, Steve from Zounds, Grass Widow, Condominium, Screaming Females, Deaf Wish, Wax Idols, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Foxboro Hot Tubs, Terry Malts, Bare Wires, Toys That Kill, Hoax, SQRM, Night Birds, Rival Mob, Milk Music, Nik Turner's Space Ritual, Gag, Case Studies, Lemuria, King Lollipop, Peach Kelli Pop, Dreamdate, Whalebones, Skin Like Iron, Wet Witch, Deep Cover, La Otracina, Great Society of MD, Glitter Wizard, Los Headaches, Midnight Snaxxx, Wrong Words, Passage Walkers, Dr. Frank, Kepi Ghoulie, Bobby Joe Ebola, Huff Stuff Magazine, Landlord, Homeowners, Acid Fast, Josh Caterer, Swiftumz, Needles, Yadokai, On Parade, Stressors, Uzi Rash, High Tower, Lenz, Songs for Moms, High Dive, Sourpatch, Fever Charm, Prima Donna, Local Hero, Lycus, Still Suit, Meat Swap, Shoppers, Neon Piss, Rank Xerox, Up All Night, Wild Ones, Sorry Ever After, Primitive Hearts, Dark Beaches, Fleshies, Big Eyes, Wild Assumptions, Balaclavas, Rat Columns, Spencey Dude, Sweat Dreams, Spoonboy, Dead Eyes,
Joyride, Mantles, Woollen Kits, Woollen Men, Knifey Spooney, Culture Kids,
Sister Fucker, No Statik, Hunting Party, Replica, Careless Whisper, Bad Blood, The Pharmacy, Vic Ruggiero, Digital Leather, Blasted Canyons, Glitz, Human Waste, Punch, ACxDC, Ordstro, Zero Progress, Nu Sensae, Lenz, Index, Violent Change, The Pets, Wrong Words, Spencey Dude and the Doodles, Tacocat, Bad Backs, Feeling of Love, Meercaz, Delacave, Musk, Cyclops, Elvis Christ, Sex Tape Scandal, High Anxiety, Kids on a Crime Spree, Dead Angle, Manatee, Twin Steps, Ganglians, G.Green, Acts of Sedition, Raw Nerves, Stress Relief, Crypt Keeper, Big Black Cloud, CCR Headcleaner, Bad Boys, Dollyrots, Dog Party, Deep Teens, Mugwort, Wild Assumptions, Huff Stuff Magazine, Freedom Club, Yi, Static Thought, No Sir, Build Us Airplanes, Hides, Royal Headache, Synthetic ID, Primitive Hearts, Pookie & The Poodlez,  Gimmie Kisses, Avon Ladies, Neo Cons, Opt Out, Creem, Urban Blight, Stressors, Opt Out, Big Kids, Sourpatch, Summer Vacation, The Young, Spray Paint, Light Brigade, Street Eaters, Black Wine, Brick Mower, Schande, Talk Is Poison, Negative Standards, Hesitation Wounds, Zero Progress, Dreamdecay, Revers, Permanent Ruin, Wuv, Big Eyes, Sharp Objects, Bad Coyotes, Cruddy, Total Fucker, Future Virgins, Zippers To Nowhere, The Mallard, Wimps, Apache Droput, Estranged, Red Dons,  Kicking Spit, Boats, Warm Soda, Lenz, Cheap Bliss, Hop Along, Big Kids, No Tongue, Bradbury, The Criminals, Seeker, Awesome, Comadre, Ghostlimb, Bad Liar, Unnatural Helpers, Stillsuit, O Inimigo (Brazil), Permanent Ruin, C'est Dommage, Dr. Frank, Kevin Seconds, Robert Eggplant, Bellicose Minds, Belgrado, Crimson Scarlet, The Babies, Twin Steps, Younger Lovers, Wet Spots, Baus, Darlingchemicalia, White Wards, Gag, Reivers, Diehard, Loma Prieta, Raein, Birdbrain, Tet Holiday, Therapists, Youthbitch, Comadre, No Sir, Mystic Knights of the Cobra, Apogee Sound Club, Waxahatchee, Acid Fast, Sourpatch, Joyride, Never Healed, Lies, OBN III'S, Fuzz, Bad Vibes, Big Eyes, Criminal Code, The Light, Lecherous Gaze, Rad, Broken Water, Wet Drag, Needles, Sudor, Kurraka, Meth Sores, Cold Circuits, UV Race, LIttle Queenie, Conquest For Death, Naked Lights, Wet The Rope, Dead Seeds, Wimps, Courtney & The Crushers, Straight Crimes, Ex-Cult, Screature, Born Petrified, Parquet Courts, Pure Bliss, Qui, Mixtapes, You Blew It, Light Years, Rational Anthem, Jabber, Subservient Fuck, Negative Standards, The World is a Beautiful Place and I am no longer afraid to die, Shinobu, Dads, Pity Six, Murmurs, Siren Songs, Oog Nasty, Tight Bros, Jabber, Michael Vidale, Tambo Rays, Dreamdecay, Useless Children, In Disgust, Plume, Creative Adult, Miserable, The Down House, Yogurt Brain, Paul Baribeau, Breadclub, Leo Henderson, Michael Beach, Dead River, Permanent Collection, No Limbs, Those Unknown, Miss Chain & The Broken Heels, Druglords of the Avenues, ToyGuitar, Western Addiction, Moral Crux, The Secretions, Violence Creeps, Paul Collins Beat, The Maxies, Coliseum, Creative Adult, Ruby Pins, Crooked Bangs, The Swellers, Heartsounds, Upset, Gunshy, Restorations, Weatherbox, Meat Market, Twerker Beez

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Spread the word! You can use the share tools here or link to this page via your facebook/website/whatever! Anything helps and is much appreciated!


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  • $10USD
    The double A side single.

    A 1-2-3-4 Go! Records sticker and button set sent to you wherever you are and our sincere thanks!

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  • $25USD
    The extended play.

    The sticker and button pack 10% off your next purchase in our store or online. A $5 gift certificate for use online or in our store. One free admission to a public show of your choice in 2014.

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  • $50USD
    The maxi-single.

    Everything from the above levels with the following additions and upgrades... A 1-2-3-4 Go! Records shirt in Red or Black. 20% off your next purchase. A $10 gift certificate. Free admission for yourself and a guest to a single public show at 1-2-3-4 Go! in 2014. Your choice! An invitation to the grand re-opening party on March 15th. Please RSVP in advance so we know that you're coming!

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  • $250USD
    The double LP

    Everything from the above levels plus the following additions and upgrades. 25% off your next purchase A $50 gift certificate A 1-2-3-4 Go! Hoodie. Admission for yourself and a guest to any four public shows in 2014.

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  • $500USD
    The box set.

    Everything from the above levels with the following upgrades. 10% off your purchases for all of 2014. Valid in our store and online! Not transferable to others. Free admission to any public show in 2014 at our space for yourself and a guest and where possible an invite to any private shows. Not transferable to others. A $75 gift certificate. A test pressing from any record we release in 2014.

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  • $1,000USD
    Bonzer status.

    All the above but with these upgrades A LIFETIME 10% discount. Not transferable to others. LIFETIME free admission to any public show for yourself and a guest & where possible an invite to any private shows. Not transferable to others. A test pressing from any single release we've ever done. YOUR CHOICE! We're down to single copies of some of these so please pick an alternate just in case someone else wants the same record. $100 gift certificate.

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