Hella Vegan Eats Food Truck

Our Creativity + Your Contribution = Hella Vegan Eats Dream Food Truck!

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La Cocina believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to make a living doing something they love to do. Why not be a part of someone’s dream. We support this campaign and think you should too.

Hella Vegan Eats offers festive fare for catering and events and will soon be available (with your help) via a beautiful dream food truck!

This Dream Food Truck is the vision of Tiffany and Sylvee Esquivel who have passionately cultivated their business from a humble tamale stand into a popular entity in the Bay Area offering pop-up dinners, catering, and bites at events.

Tiffany and Sylvee are proud participants in the celebrated La Cocina SF Incubator Program, a first-of-it's-kind effort to provide kitchen space, technical assistance, endless amounts of encouragement to low-income women and immigrant entrepreneurs as they transform their culinary passions into sustainable local businesses. With the resources and support kindly provided by La Cocina SF, Tiffany and Sylvee launched Hella Vegan Eats and they are now ready to move on to the next phase of vegan world domination: the Hella Vegan Eats Dream Food Truck.

Imagine the most adorable food truck rolling down the block offering a seasonal menu of flavor, innovation, and happiness.

Imagine this food truck at lunch time encouraging hungry people of all walks of life to embrace yummier / healthier ways of eating.

Imagine this food truck at elementry, middle, and high schools offering inspiration and knowledge to young kids about sustainable eating.

All of these possibilities are in the near future!

Hella Vegan Eats + your contribution can make this dream come true!

WHY? Well, because Passion and Creativity are known to result in success.

If you contribute to this campaign, Hella Vegan Eats promises to create the raddest food truck the world has ever seen! Plus, you'll receive some awesome rewards and eternal gratitude.


Just in case you're wondering, this is how your contributions will be spent:

1) Cost of Food Truck

2) Permits/Licenses/Fees

3) Ingredients/Supplies

4) Equipment


Hella Vegan Eats is putting in their entire life savings (which isn't very much but is nonetheless all they have). Any money that is raised during this campaign will get them miles closer to their goal than they ever dreamt possible. Please be a part of their dream and please be a part of making the world a whole lot more vegan-friendly.


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