HELICOPTER CRASH Mechanic takes responsibility

If responsibility and honesty are values you value in your community. Please consider helping and man with high character.


This is about helping Brant Swigart. He is the mechanic who recently came forward and took responsibility for a helicopter crash in downtown Honolulu. He has pledged to the owner of the helicopter and the owner of the car that he will pay for replacement. The problem is, he may lose his house in trying to pay for them both. I don't think that should happen. Brant has a wife and three children to take care of.

If responsibility and honesty are values you respect, I encourage you to make a contribution. This is the first time I know of when someone has come forward and taken responsibility for an accident like this. If I owned an aircraft, I would want Brant to work on it. He is a man of integrity. It is worth noting again that Brant was NOT the mechanic who made the error. But being in charge of the shop, he has come forward anyway. I am proud to be Brant's friend and co-worker.

If you can contribute, please do. And please take advantage of the "perks" listed to the right. If you cannot contribute, please share this story of taking responsibility with everyone you can. The world needs more people like Brant Swigart. We will not create a society based on personal character if we don't support those who have the courage to follow their conscience. 

All perks must be redeemed in Honolulu.
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