Helcult: Fenrismaw's Full-Length Album

Helcult, Fenrismaw's full-length album, has arrived! It is recorded, mixed, and mastered--we just need your help printing it!

HELCULT:  Fenrismaw immortalized.

Fenrismaw unleashed its self-titled demo in 2010, which recieved substantial acclaim. It was heralded as "dynamic... crushingly heavy, highly melodic" (Forged WNY) and "full of potential" (The Metal Observer).

We went on to play countless shows alongside local and national acts alike and established ourselves as one of the region's driving forces.

Check out this full-set video from our show with Marduk, Inquisition, and Moonspell.



After 4 years of crushing devastation in the name of Heathen Gods, Fenrismaw has reached the end of its road. Our vocalist is going to Iceland for at least 2 years, and the band is going on indefinite hiatus. But before that happens, we are set to release our full-length album: "Helcult."


The "Helcross" symbolizes the Heathen Black Trinity: the fury of the Fenris Wolf, the unrelenting carnage of Jormungandr, and the cunning venom of Death. Our music embodies the primal wrath of the old, the forgotten powers, to whom the album pays homage.

The album is a testament to the dedication of both ourselves and our fans. Recorded and ready for release, it picks up where our demo left off and burrows straight into the underworld. It is exactly how we, as a band, envisioned our music.

"Helcult" includes a rerecording of three of the four songs from our demo, four all-new originals, and a bonus cover of Grave's "Extremely Rotten Flesh."



But we need your help!

Helcult is recorded, mixed, and mastered--it just needs to be printed. With the help of our friends and fans, we need to raise $2000.  

This money will go towards the hefty cost of printing 6-panel digipaks and creating a host of new merch items, including T-shirts, posters, and limited edition Helcross pendants.


How we'll use the money

Of the $2000 we hope to raise, roughly $1500 will go towards production of the CDs, another $400 (at least) will go towards T-shirts, and the rest will go towards the formidable cost of production and shipping/transportation of the perks.


Make "Helcult" a reality

Like many bands, Fenrismaw has had its ups and downs over the last 4 years, but "Helcult" is by far the greatest thing we have accomplished. With your help, we can turn our hard work into something permanent and leave off on a positive, triumphant note.


Bonus items:

Helcult T-shirt:

Limited edition Helcross pendant, designed by Mindless Heron Custom Pendants:

Hand-painted, one-of-a-kind skull from the Fenrismaw photoshoot:





*NOTE - To have your name put in the liner notes, the accompanying perk must be claimed by July 20, 2013.

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