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Hedda is a Victorian Period Drama Classic written by Henrik Ibsen to be directed and produced by Matthew John.

Hedda Gabler is a classic of realism, nineteenth century playwriting, considered one of the world’s greatest drama’s. The character of Hedda is considered by many critics to be the "female Hamlet," portrayed as an idealistic heroine fighting society, a victim of circumstance, a prototypical feminist, or a manipulative villain.

Even though there has been previous versions of the drama, this is the first time it has been shot with the latest production values, such as HD and high quality audio.

The film is a UK production being shot in the South West of England. It is a low budget movie which has already received a lot of collaborative support from local businesses and figures.

Pre-production has been completed due to the kind support of various financial benefactors and a talented crew and is ready to shoot.

The costume design team have individually designed many of the female characters outfits, and due to the large support from local based seamstress’s and bespoke designed silks and satins kindly donated by www.thesilkgallery.com, the film is quickly becoming an extremely lavish production.   

The production also makes use of a specially commissioned new translation from the Danish orginal into contemporary English.

We now need £100,000 to move the film into full photography, film festival circuit (Venice, Sundance, Berlin, London, Toronto AFM), PR and securing sales. For the last three months we have been experiencing the frustrations of dealing with individually private investors who have considered part investment into escrow accounts, so Indiegogo.com gave us the perfect tool to allow us to do this and reach a larger audience.

We hope that you take some time to check out our website www.hedda-movie.com, where you can see photos of the costumes and set designs that have already been done.  The website is being continually updated with news of developments and events.

Indiegogo.com not only allows us to help raise investment for our film, but will also enables us to get our project in front of a global audience.
Through Indiegogo, we also able to meet and work with other independent film makers.
By making a donation not only will you be able to support the production, but you will also be able to buy into different levels of involvement. Every donation has comes with it own reward.  The top offer is a producer’s credit and profit share.

Please check the side link to see the various offers.   

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Hedda’s principal photography dates will start depending on finance.

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