Heaven Now For Los Angeles

We have the technology to create waves of peace, harmony, happiness - all good everywhere: Heaven. Our goal is to provide these to every major city on Earth.
David Adelson
Beverly Hills
United States
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Thank you all for your contributions! Although this campaign has ended, you can still get any of our wonderful products-- including Heaven Machines-- at our new website-- http://giftsfromdevotion.com after Friday, Feb 21, 2014. Look for us there.

"All of the break-ins and burglaries in my neighborhood ceased immediately when I started running your Heaven Machine." - M.S., North Carolina

"The influence could be felt for what must have been a six-mile radius." - G.C., Massachusetts

"Heaven Machines work!" - R.R., North Carolina

Heaven Machines Create Waves of Heaven
harmony, happiness, peace -- all good -- then broadcasts this to cities, counties, entire regions much like a radio or TV station. Fairly large-- they can take up a 20' x 20' room -- everything is programmed to run daily with only occasional monitoring. It turns itself on, broadcasts the optimal number of hours, then goes into sleep mode, waking itself up daily at the optimal time. Those maintaining these new systems need only look in on them 3 times a week. Heaven Machines are designed individually, based on budget and purpose. As soon as this campaign is ended, we will spend the next month designing and creating the optimal Heaven Machine for Los Angeles based on the total donated (the minimum for L.A. is $60,000, optimal over $200,000). There are already more than a dozen Heaven Machines operating in the U.S. and abroad for 2 years: there is a proven track record of averting dangers and creating bliss.

These work, they are real-- they're just new!

Avert Danger While Creating Heaven
Right now the world is in transition. You see it everywhere-- old powers of greed and destuction using profit as an excuse are coming to an end. People everywhere are waking up. Even Nature is restoring the balance -- you see it in weather patterns and extreme imbalances. This transition is happening -- and it's out of our control. But will it be smooth? That's what Heaven Machines are for. It's exactly why they were created: for the smoothest transition possible into Heaven on Earth -- the new time we are coming into dominated by peace, happiness, health, wealth -- all good everywhere and no non-good anywhere. Each Heaven Machine will not only smooth the transition but guide positive energies for generations to come.

Heaven Machines are divinely-created gifts that use the most advanced unified-field based technologies to create and generate high-powered frequencies (tendencies) of love, grace, bliss, clear thinking, and many more intensely positive energies at the same time dissolving stress, tension and negativity for upwards of hundreds of miles. The devices restore balance in a positive way eliminating the need for tidal waves, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and stock market crashes.

Forty years of research, several degrees, and hours of daily spiritual practice are the basis of this profound technology. Already more than a dozen of these are smoothing life across the U.S. and the world. Raging fires have been averted, break-ins and burglaries have stopped, bliss has been generated. "Heaven Machines work." Creator/developer David Adelson has been called a "spiritual genius" and "beyond brilliant" for his development of these and other powerful healing technologies.

Heaven machines are expensive: tens of thousands of dollars. The best one for Los Angeles is more than $200,000, although even a $60,000 one would make a huge impact. That's why the company decided to use Indiegogo's fundraising program. Everyone -- including you -- can donate a large or small amount and get a perk -- a Heaven-Creating product -- to enjoy and help accomplish the goal. There are 4,621 cities in the world with more than 100,000 people. The company's goal is to give peace, harmony, and bliss -- and the smoothest transition possible -- to every one of these cities by raising the money and donating a Powerful Heaven Machine to each one. Won't you help? Make a donation today to help the world -- and receive a personal Heaven-Creating product to bless your life. Pick a perk and donate Now:

We are looking to reduce violence, stress, tension, suffering, and increase happiness, harmony, love, and tolerance with a permanent Heaven-Creating® Heaven Machine starting in Los Angeles and then to all 4,621 cities of more than 100,000 population so everyone enjoys the same Heavenly benefits. Your donation can help make this happen.

"Heaven" Means
Heaven means "All good everywhere and no non-good anywhere." Positive results from this program will include reduced crime, better weather, better traffic experiences, more joy and happiness, less violence, improved quality of life for everyone, solving the homeless situation, less fear, more trust and better health. Benefits accrue to both the people of Los Angeles and all those who contribute immediately and build over time.

We must act now:
Heaven Machines eliminate problems and avert future disasters. 1 in 5 children in America are hungry now. Hundreds of thousands are homeless now. Intense weather is happening now. Whatever is happening now can stop. Whatever may happen tomorrow may be averted. Donating today will allow us to blanket all of LA with harmony, peace, prosperity and love a month after this campaign ends if we reach our goal. Donate now, please!

Heaven Machines Create "Heaven"
Heaven Machines are actual machines; each is made individually based on where it's going. You might think of it like a giant air purifier for the entire region; but instead of purifying air, removing smog and toxins from the air, it purifies the atmosphere, dissolving tension and stress, and, like an air freshener, freshens the atmosphere with the qualities of Heaven, radiating powerful, silent energies of:

  • Happiness
  • Harmony
  • Love
  • Bliss
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Affluence
  • Wisdom
  • Spirituality
  • Laughter
  • and much, much more!
  • Dissolving stress and tension in the process.

Our pictures only tell part of the story: Heaven Machines may include a computer (but may not, depending), sight and sound technologies, TV technologies, wires and cables, and audio systems all altered using our proprietary technologies. This combination creates powerful silent frequencies that propagate hundreds of miles in all directions.

Once we raise the funds for the Heaven Machine, we will find a suitable host -- someone to house and take care of the system (they can be quite large) and keep it running 24/7 for many, many years to come.

Our Goal is the smoothest Transition possible during this time of great change.

Our Goal is to Avert Negative Fallout now and for ages to come.

In Oklahoma City we had a large Heaven Machine running for well over a year. When it went out briefly, tornadoes struck the area resulting in tremendous damage. The Heaven Machine is now back online, but this has taught us to recommend multiple Heaven Machines in each area immediately to increase the range and power and as backups to prevent any kind of difficulty at all.

Heaven Machines Avert Fallout:
"The very next weekend after we got the Country Heaven Machine up and running, our whole area had terrible wildfires, especially about 30 miles east of Austin, where over 1600 homes were destroyed in the worst fire in Texas history. But there were several other fires all around us. The good news is that our immediate area, including Austin proper and the community next door to us, had no fires. We never even smelled the smoke where we live. I could not help but wonder if the story might have been different without the Country Heaven Machine." - B.M., Texas

Already Proven
We have already demonstrated Heaven Machines work--even at a distance: 

"When I was coming home, I could feel within miles of where I live, all of a sudden a softness and an unboundedness. And I knew it was due to the system because I had never felt that before coming and going on that street. And it just continues, so it seems the influence--just having started the system--the influence could be felt for what must have been a six-mile radius." - G.C., Massachusetts

Stress: The  Cause of LA's Problems: 
Whether the situation arose from problems in education, economics, health issues, family issues or any other reason, there is one factor common to all LA's problems: stress. There is individual stress, sure. But there is also environmental stress--stress from the environment is influences us all. Our ability to successfully deal with stress can be a major factor in our health, well-being, happiness and success. Heaven Machines can help reduce that stress.

Although Heaven Machines are based on physics, Adelson says they are a gift from the Divine. Like Einstein and other great scientists, Adelson claims his understanding increased his appreciation for Nature’s intelligence. “This is way bigger than me,” he said. “I have to give credit to the Divine. It feels more like it was revealed to me than I figured it out.” Mozart, Beethoven and others often describe their compositions the same way: “It’s more like taking dictation.” 

Can One Machine Reduce Crime, Reduce Accidents, End Homelessness While Increasing Harmony and Joy?
Spiritual healer and scientist David Adelson thinks so— and intends to prove it in Los Angeles with one $60,000 Heaven Machine—if we can get the funds.

"I have noticed a definite increase of nature support and synchronicity. I have found answers and solutions to problems or issues quickly, sometimes I've even known about things slightly before something happens. I also have had an assuredness about making decisions, and things have been falling into place easily and fairly quickly." - J.C., Minnesota 

Contribute just $5- $10 or more now

Time is changing quickly--quicker than you think. Anything that is damaging to life is 
on its way out. Greed and power have corrupted long enough. If a major corporation continues violating the Will of God--Natural Law-- for profit it must end. Corporate leaders have it all wrong-- they are just people personally responsible for all the good or non-good done in the name of profit. And those in charge will reap what they sow.

These changes can be dramatic and deadly or smooth and sweet. Donating to a Heaven Machine is cost-effective and efficient because it directly removes the negative influences around us, replacing them with love, harmony, peace and joy. If everyone chips in even $5 Heaven-- all good-- could start to be felt immediately.

We can make the transition smoother if we act now! These machines are a gift from the Divine. See what they can do: 

A Heaven Machine For L.A.
Donating to this project will allow us to build a Heaven Machine specifically for Los Angeles and the surroundings. In addition to the cost of the Heaven Machine, we will locate a place to put the Heaven Machine with responsible personnel to cover it's daily operation. (Want to volunteer? Let us know.) We will use your donations to build the most powerful Heaven Machine possible -- remember higher cost = more power/ greater effect. Heaven Machines come in 7 levels ranging from Personal up to Country-Wide, each more powerful than the last. Your contributions will be used to create the most powerful Heaven Machine for the greatest good for the citizens of Los Angeles.

Heaven Machine radiates the best qualities of Heaven - bliss, happiness, joy, and more

"Today has been a most incredible day--I got one of Community Heaven Machines and ran it for the first time today. Wow! It's incredible. Its like a powerful bliss generator. I don't know exactly how it works but it really is something wonderful. Just indescribable." - C.R., Pennsylvania

"Positive developments manifesting instantly late this week which amazed me because I have done this work for 30 years and have never seen such rapid developments!" - R. M., Texas

Heaven Machine radiates the best qualities of Heaven - bliss, happiness, joy, and more
Many more testimonials can be found here.

Whether we're aware of it or not, the constant noise, demands, interruptions -- little but continuous demands on our attention and reserves -- take a toll on us all. Even the polluted air we breathe (no matter where we are), the weather, and unseen electomagnetic waves, phone signals, TV and radio waves, WiFi and other energies tax our system constantly. So do other people: everyone around us has an influence even if they are just sitting quietly. You know this from your own experience-- you're sitting there quietly working out something when someone sits down next to you. Suddenly you are distracted: it's now harder for you to focus. Stress also lingers even after it's cause is removed. Ever enter a room right after an intense argument happened? You can feel the tension in the room even if the people involved are gone.

Heaven-Creating® Removes Stress
Heaven Machines and our other Heaven-Creating® products are designed to clear and reduce stress within and around you. By removing the stress, automatically you are calmer, more settled, thinking is clearer --even if you didn't feel stressed before.

Heaven Machines are one of many Divine technologies that generate the frequencies of love, health, wealth, spirituality, happiness, and all the best qualities we link with Heaven. Heaven-Creating® programs have been called "beyond brilliant" and have been used successfully in more than 15 countries and 28 states in the U.S. --including Israel, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Serbia, Japan, Nepal, Thailand, in the United States: North Carolina, California, Iowa, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Texas, and more-- one-on-one, in groups, in businesses large and small, in stadiums and even entire regions!

Awaken the ability to effortlessly  fulfill your desires using our profound Heaven Machines by David Adelson 
Who Makes Heaven Machines?
David Adelson, MA, author of Awaken To Heaven Now and developer of Heaven-Creating® products, spent 40 years exploring & studying consciousness -- the Unified Field, and how it emerges into matter. This study led to the creation of incredibly powerful programs -- CDs, DVDs, photography and more -- that create the most desired qualities of life on earth creating Heaven within and without. The most wide-reaching are Heaven Machines which have already proven their use throughout the U.S. and abroad.

What Is Heaven-Creating® and How Does It Work?
Heaven-Creating® is a set of proprietary Divine technologies that enliven Natural Law -- the Will of God -- in specific areas in and around anyone taking advantage of them. These are not subliminal words or ideas. They are far more complex than simply software and a computer (some of the larger ones do not even have a computer). Heaven machines generate the actual frequencies of peace, love, happiness, health, wealth and more directly from the Unified Field. There is no other technology like it.

Heaven Machine radiates the best qualities of Heaven - bliss, happiness, joy, and more Divine Technology
Heaven Machines are based on physics, not religion. We call them "Heaven" because Heaven means "all good" and that's what these are. Because they work at such a deep, profound level (think of the sap in a tree or the DNA in you), changes on that level will affect every other more expressed level. Water a tree it will grow, do not water it and the tree will become stressed. Even a very stressed tree is quickly and easily nourished by simply giving it the right amount of water. In the same way, much of the environmental stress around us can be relieved by adding a dose of the Unified Field -- its fundamental essence -- through these amazing Heaven-Creating® devices. Heaven Machines generate and radiate a profound silent energy field that is completely life-supporting to everyone. It does so simply because it is in tune with that field modern physics knows as the ultimate basis of all that is, was, or will be.

Heaven-Creating® Do More Than That
Heaven-Creating® programs disslove stress within and around us. Equally important is the specific intention each program creates. Clear Thinking actually increases mental clarity. Happiness increases happiness. Wealth increases self-sufficiency, prosperous thinking, confidence and a "can-do" attitude. Each program is specifically designed to help remove a problem and bring its remedy at the same time. So each program does two things: harmonizes people and the environment plus its specific purpose.

Heaven Machine radiates the best qualities of Heaven - bliss, happiness, joy, and moreAnimals and Children Love Them
Pets curl up in front of the Heaven-Creating® programs to soak up the benefits all day long! Children would ask to turn on the Heaven-Creating® program-- they could tell it was not on by the way their mother acted! These programs do make a difference!

Used in Business Meetings
Often it's department against an department, Bill doesn't trust Charlie, Barb didn't get her raise. So many different agendas. But using Heaven-Creating® programs meetings are smooth, everyone working together harmony. Which type of meeting would you prefer?

Used in Stadium
Yes, we've even used Heaven-Creating technologies in soccer stadiums for greater happiness, harmony and bliss-- and to help the home team win!

How We'll Do This
Once all funds have been received we will purchased/ build the most powerful Heaven Machine for Los Angeles, then place it under the care carefully chosen volunteer dedicated to helping Los Angeles grow in the best qualities of Heaven. The Heaven Machine will be turned on at the most appropriate time, and will continue creating and radiating Heavenly energies for years to come!

Heaven Machine radiates the best qualities of Heaven - bliss, happiness, joy, and moreEach new Heaven Machine has the potential to balance, restore, and multiply happiness manyfold anywhere. The benefits are huge with no downside.

Our New Hope
Now using Indiegogo.com we're hoping to raise awareness of the possibility as well as the money needed to put a powerful Heaven Machine in Los Angeles. Once this works for LA, we will re-list and raise money for any major city -- yours? -- who wants more Heaven anywhere in the world. Since the benefits flow out from the source, those hosting the Heaven Machines receive the greatest benefits.

Want to Host One?
Please let us know! 

Our Perks:
$5 Perk:

Free download of our popular Heaven-Creating® Logo to print on your T-shirt, paste on Facebook, use as stationary, make stickers, make badges, put on your wall! High-quality graphic creates Heaven in and around you just by seeing it and sharing with others!

$5 Perk:

Digital download Heaven-Creating® Empowering Wisdom photo uplifts; viewing it daily even while brushing your teeth has a powerful encouraging effect on how you view yourself and any problems you may have. Powerful. 

$10 Perk:

4" x 4" Heaven-Creating® Empowering Wisdom I Love You Card
fills you with love and appreciation for you.

$25 Perk
Heaven-Creating  10" x 10" Thank You Card 
4" x 4" Heaven-Creating® Empowering Wisdom I Love You Card plus a 4" x 4" Heaven-Creating® Empowering Wisdom Thank You Photo that awakens gratitude and appreciation for yourself and others.

$50 Perk:

Used in businesses around the world, our powerful silent Heaven-Creating® Awaken To Happiness CD enlivens happiness, joy, bliss, and laughter playing silently in the background at work, at home, anytime.

$75 Perk:

Our best-selling Heaven-Creating® Powerful Silent Awaken To Love DVD awakens the highest frequencies and energies of love, appreciation and harmony.

$100 Perk:

Three (3) Heaven-Creating® CDs: Awaken To Happiness, Awaken to Trust and Awaken to Clear Thinking. Happiness fills you with joy, Trust removes doubts and gives confidence, while Clear Thinking ensures direct progress towards your success.

$500 Perk:

Complete set of all 7 Heaven-Creating® Powerful Silent DVDs:
Awaken To Love, Awaken To Wealth, Awaken To Health, Awaken To Spirituality, Awaken To Purpose, Awaken To Wisdom, and Awaken To the Divine.

$1000 Perk:

Complete set of all 7 Heaven-Creating® Powerful Silent DVDs + Complete set of all 6 Heaven-Creating® Powerful Silent CDs: Awaken to Happiness, Awaken to Trust, Awaken to Letting Go, Awaken to Clear Thinking, Awaken to Contentment, and Awaken to Joy of Life. We've played Awaken to Happiness 3 times in a soccer stadium, ending season-long losing streak and helping the home team win!

How You Can Help
Donate-- contribute as much as you can. If that's not an option, here are a dozen other ways you can help create Heaven on Earth:
1. Watch our Heaven-Creating® YouTube videos--subscribe to our HeavenCreating channel.
2. View powerful Heaven-Creating® photography and art at
3. Spread the word about this campaign to your friends on Twitter, Facebook and all your social networks.
4. Like and share HeavenCreating on Facebook.
5. Subscribe to our free email updates on our website.
6. Promote Heaven-Creating® to earn generous 70% store credit or 50% cash. Check out our website for details.
8. Tell your spiritual clubs, leaders, organization, yoga class, or group to work with us.
9. Write positive comments on YouTube, Facebook, etc. about us.
10. Mention us in your blog or in the comments for a blog you respect.
11. Write your parents.
12. Don't take anything too seriously!

And (of course) tell everyone you're friends with about this opportunity. Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign and use the Indiegogo share tools!

Want these benefits in your area? Start a campaign for a permanant Heaven Machine for your city/state/country/region! We'll work with you to create your goals/objectives-- then you'll get the word out to make it happen.

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    Heaven-Creating® Person Logo

    Be a Heaven-Creating® Person! Download our Heaven-Creating® Person Logo to paste on Facebook, use as stationary, print on your T-shirt! Creates Heaven in and around you just by seeing it and sharing with others!

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    You Are Loved Solution

    No matter how you feel now, you are loved and appreciated. No matter what problems you have, this Heaven-Creating Empowering Wisdom photo empowers you with the answer. Digital download for you to enjoy.

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  • $10USD
    I Love You Card

    Softens and awakens the Heavenly quality of Divine Love in the viewer! Great to view each day to improve your self-esteem and self-worth, softens the heart and awakens joy. Makes a great gift!

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    2 Empowering Wisdom Cards

    Digital Download only. Choose 2 Heaven-Creating® Empowering Wisdom Card watermark-free for you to download and print for you with licensing to print up to 3 of each for family and friends. See samples at http://davidadelson.com/Empowerment_program.html

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    3 Empowering Wisdom Cards

    This is download only: your choice of 3 Heaven-Creating® Empowering Wisdom Card watermark-free for you to download and print for you with licensing to print up to 3 of each for family and friends. See samples at http://davidadelson.com/Empowerment_program.html

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    I Love You + Thank You Cards

    I Love You 4" x 4" Heaven-Creating® Card + 4" x 4" Heaven-Creating® Thank You card. Every day you deserve thanks for so much you do. Viewing this high-quality print on your wall bedroom, office, kitchen--wherever-- fulfills your heart with love and appreciation for you! A Thank You from Heaven that awakens Heaven within you every time you see this! Get one for yourself and one for your spouse, parents, boss, staff-- anyone you want to feel appreciated.

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  • $50USD
    Awaken To Happiness CD

    Awaken to happiness, joy, bliss, and laughter playing this CD silently in the background at work, at home, in the car as you drive- anywhere! This is not a lecture! It is a Unified Field based silent technology created just for this purpose. Great for increasing happiness in your store, office or cubicle, in classrooms, your workshop, playground, anywhere!

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  • $50USD
    1 Question Answered

    There's never only one, but let's start with that. Personal phone consultation with Heaven-Creating® founder David Adelson for about 5-9 minutes to address your deepest concern. “Yesterday with David on the phone was the most certain I’ve felt about achieving my goals, realizing my dreams & living a life of profound gratitude.”

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  • $75USD
    Powerful silent Love DVD

    Awaken To Love Heaven-Creating® DVD awakens the highest frequencies and energies of love and harmony: play it at home to increase love and softness at home, at work to increase harmony and mutual support. This is not a lecture! It is a Divine silent technology created just for this purpose. Use it to help you find personal love, universal love, to open your heart while it baths the atmosphere around you in harmony and love. Awakens love in every cell, creates harmony all around you.

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  • $100USD
    3 Heaven-Creating® CDs

    Three (3) Heaven-Creating® CDs: "Awaken To Happiness," "Awaken to Trust" and "Awaken to Clear Thinking." These are not lectures! They are Divine silent technologies created just for this purpose. "Happiness" fills you with joy, "Trust" removes doubts and gives confidence, while "Clear Thinking" ensures direct progress towards your success.

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  • $100USD
    Short Personal Consultation

    We don't really like to do them this short--everyone always wants all their questions answered once they feel the power I connect them to-- so we are limiting these to only 50 such appoints--each about 12-20 minutes in length. If you wish to extend you may, but there are additional charges ($500/hr) you will be responsible for. Also, there will be a waiting list/ first come, first served, as we will only be doing 5 of these short appointments a week.

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  • $500USD
    Complete Set of 7 DVDs

    Fulfill all your aspirations with your complete set of all 7 powerful Heaven-Creating® silent DVDs: "Awaken To Love," "Awaken To Wealth," "Awaken To Health," "Awaken To Spirituality," "Awaken To Purpose," "Awaken To Wisdom," and "Awaken To the Divine." play in the background while you work or play, do yoga or meditate. These are not lectures! They represent modern science at its most profound. Each is a Divine silent technology created just for its purpose.

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  • $1,000USD
    All 7 DVDs + Complete Set CDs

    Complete set of all 7 Heaven-Creating® Powerful Silent DVDs + Complete set of all 6 Heaven-Creating® Powerful Silent CDs: "Awaken to Happiness," "Awaken to Trust," "Awaken to Letting Go," "Awaken to Clear Thinking," "Awaken to Contentment," and "Awaken to Joy of Life." We've played "Awaken to Happiness" 3 times in a soccer stadium, ending season-long losing streak and helping the home team win!

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  • $1,000USD
    3 1-hr Personal Consultations

    "I am so grateful, you are so amazing-- I just can't believe how amazing you are. Everything you said was exactly what I need to hear." Special: 3 1-hr phone appointments @$500 = $1500. Take this perk and get 3! Powerful personal appointments to use or give to family or friends.

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  • $10,000USD
    Deepen Experiences Course

    This course is to give you the most profound spiritual experience you have ever had — regardless of how profound your experiences have already been or whether you're just starting out on your spiritual path. This is a personal program just for you: Whatever type of spiritual program you practice, whether it's Transcendental Meditation or any other type of meditation, yoga, or prayer, you can have deeper spiritual experiences! Course is in L.A., travel and accomodations not included.

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  • $1,000,000USD
    Luminary of California

    Honored in Heaven and earth, we will create 5 optimal Heaven Machines for 5 of the largest cities in CA in your name: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Oakland with official dedication ceremonies with the mayor donating Heaven to each city, housed in a well-trafficked public place (mall or historic district) named in your honor with signage and plaque to be maintained for 100 years, and 1 specially-created Heaven Machine for you to travel so you enjoy Heaven wherever you go.

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