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I built a shed entirely from reclaimed materials. Now I need heat so I can make it through the winter. What could be better than a tiny wood burning stove?
Ivan Pope
United Kingdom
1 Team Member

How I waited five years for my allotment

Last May, after five years on the waiting list, I got an allotment. And what an allotment it is, in the Roedale valley in Brighton. Roedale is like a secret valley, hidden away from the world. Where is it? Here

How I can see the sea

I got an overgrown top of a hill with thin chalky soil and it's only half an allotment, because the council has a policy of only giving people half allotments because maybe we can't handle a whole slice of the countryside. But it's a bit of ground that I can call my own and I love it for that and - I can see the sea from the hut. 

How I built a shed built from found stuff

So what more could I want? Well, I wanted a hut. I needed a hut. I craved a hut. The only problem was a)the allotment is on a steep slope and b)I was broke. But I ddn't want that to stop me, so I applied myself ot the problem. I cleared the ground and I started keeping an eye on the local skips. Well, to cut this story short, I pulled out bricks, timber, planks and other bits and pieces. I allowed myself to buy nails and roofing felt, but that was it. And the skips were kind to me - I started to feel the love of the universe as exactly what I needed arrived time after time. 

How it was a lot of work

So I lugged piles of heavy timber up the hill. I dug holes and watched them fill up with water. I worked through the rainiest summer for years and my wood started to rot. Then I worked through the long dry period.

How I need to prepare for winter

The shed is a shell. It looks good on the outside and I have enough material to skin the inside. I want to work in here through the winter. 

I want to insulate the shed and put in a tiny wood burning stove. I want to buy a Wendy:

The Wendy

The Wendy stove is our smallest model, with a maximum nominal output of 2.5 KW.

This stove is currently heating hundreds of Bell Tents, small Vans and Caravans, Horse Drawn Wagons, Boats,  Yurts up to 12’, Tentipis, Sheds, and other spaces where a larger, or less efficient stove would be unsuitable.

How much do I need?

In addition to the woodburner I need a load of insulating sheets for inside the walls. And a chimney. And that's it. Toasty. I've kept the rewards simple and cost low so you can all chip in. I know you want to.

How I need you to help

Why? When I started the shed I decided it was going to be built entirely from found materials. I can't find these things in a skip (well, I probably would in the end, but that might take years and winter is drawing in). So I'm calling on the crowd to take this shed to the next level. 

The shed is a communal mission. Everyone who contributes will get an invite to the first Open Allotments Party next May in addition to the art I'll be sending out. 

The print

Shack print

... will look a lot like this.



... may or may not look anything like this.

I'm sorry it's in dollars.

For some reason the crowdfunding industy is lagging about twenty years behind the rest of the internat and operates almost entirely in US dollars. Some of you will recall this is how ecommerce operated around 1995, but most of us have worked out how to handle multiple currencies since then. I apologise for making most of you do mental currency conversions - think of it as an amazing experience in retro shopping.

How will I spend the excess?

I wish. But, anything over will go towards putting a proper tin roof on the thing.

Other Ways You Can Help

You don't have to take a perk of course. I know you love me anyway. But please pass the campaign on. Make some noise. Tell the world. You know the sort of thing. Shed lovers of the world, unite!

And that’s all there is to it.

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$600 USD goal
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Select a Perk
  • $8USD
    Postcard from the edge

    The £5 option. A personally written postcard franked with the unique allotment hand cut stamp.

    1 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2012
  • $15USD
    Signed Shed print

    The £10 option. An A4 signed digital print of my favourite shed image.

    2 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2012
  • $30USD
    Signed drawing

    The £20 option. Now that the hut is up I'm making a small drawing a day up there. Get one of these unique signed works.

    2 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2012
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